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    Netflix Offers DIY Doorbell Cover That Entertains Trick-or-Treaters

    Netflix knows that some people would rather stay inside at watch scary movies. They decided to create a do-it-yourself doorbell that entertains trick-or-treaters while you’re busy streaming Netflix. By following the DIY instructions on their landing page, anyone can create a Halloween Doorbell that hangs over your existing one. When trick-or-treaters approach your door, a sensor will […] More

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    Going Guerilla: Get Inspired by the Latest Street Art Trends

    Using somewhat unconventional methods in the marketing world is always a bit of a risk, but nevertheless tends to be part and parcel of any creative task. Risk taking in this sense is all about discovering innovative methods of capturing and retaining the interest of your target audience, and guerrilla marketing is the perfect way […] More

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    Marketing and Manufacturing: What Does the Future Hold?

    Mobile technology has made a transformative impact on both manufacturing and marketing. The two industries have never been exclusive (both falling under the larger umbrella of supply chain management), but today’s digital world has brought the two together in ways that could not have been dreamed of 50 years ago. Current trends in digital supply […] More

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    The Berry Company Hits the Streets and Makes People Feel Good in Latest Social Experiment

    The Berry Company, a family run food business, decided to hit the streets of London to brighten people’s day in their latest marketing campaign. Apparently, 8:12am has been identified as the time by which you know whether or not your day will be a good one. With the help of W Comms and Gas and Electric, […] More

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    Six Online Marketing Strategies that Really Work

    With the application of technology in marketing and advertising, a paradigm shift has been realized. The internet specifically has had a profound effect on marketing and has completely revolutionized how businesses are noticed and gain customers. To take advantage of these online marketing platforms, your business has to institute effective strategies and below are some […] More

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    9 Really Annoying Ad Trends That Just Won’t Die In Peace

    Source: Advertisers strive to create a perfect ad that would draw prospect’s attention and make a clear statement, but somehow they often end up getting on their audience’s nerves. Why? Maybe because being too creative not always pays, while tried methods seem to do their job. However, some ad trends are too outdated to […] More

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    How Guerilla Marketing Works for Small Businesses

    Guerilla Marketing, at its core, is advertising that utilises cheap and creative tactics to generate hype and draw attention to a product or service. It often allows you to take “the consumer by surprise, make an indelible impression and create copious amounts of social buzz,” which means that, in a time where “meaningfully different brands […] More

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