Indoor Projection Mapping Takes Educational Donors on a Virtual Voyage

To launch Simon Fraser University’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, the institution, known to be one of the most engaging educational groups in Canada, relied on a spectacular Experiential Projection Mapping to promote their new fundraising campaign.

During an exclusive reception for some of their biggest donors, chancellors and alumni, SFU presented a virtual voyage through their campuses in British Columbia, Canada.  To execute the project, they joined forces with creative agency Go2 Productions, responsible for mapping the environment and producing the 3D animation.

Having experience of massive projects in LA, Miami, New York and California, Go2 was challenged to scale their jaw-dropping projections down in size to fit SFU’s illustrious underground theatre, while keeping the high-impact DOOH experience.



Using the back wall of the theatre as a surface, the projection transformed a block wall and three wooden columns into a hidden brick room, an underground train station and the window of a flying craft that took guests on a journey from campus to campus. All culminating with amazing digital fireworks display, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of SFU. According to Adrian Scott, Go2’s Creative Director, precision was a key factor: “Considering the audience was going to be close to the projected area, we had to ensure the projectors were perfectly aligned and calculate true perspective to maximize the perspective illusion onto the 1240 square foot wall. We decided to keep the content extremely dynamic to keep the feeling of always traveling forward through the walls and flying around the iconic Vancouver skyline”

The 3D renderings were created in Cinema 4D placing special attention and level of detail to the campuses spread across 3 cities. Because of the complexity and resolution of the landscape and buildings, the average time to render the each frame was almost 20 minutes.


While most companies think of Projection Mapping requiring large budgets and projecting onto entire buildings, the SFU successful indoor mapping is a good example of how it can be successfully scaled down whilst keeping the experience  engaging and very impacting. As the institution celebrates its history, using innovative and ground-breaking technology was a way to look ahead and bring a futuristic touch to their fundraising campaign.

Moreover, this was a highly creative concept integrated into a fundraising campaign, that captivated everyone who was part of the event. “It was awesome to see people filming and sharing the content on Social Media and to know that we were creating buzz and awareness over the anniversary. They are really engaged by participating in this historical moment and we are honoured to have sponsored and produced the production of this prestigious show piece for Simon Fraser University.” added, Adrian.

UK born, Adrian Scott has had over 20 years experience in the design world and is the President and Award Winning Creative Director of Go 2 Productions. His entrepreneurial thinking, creativity and passion for the industry has secured hundreds of accounts for Go2, including long time client Estee Lauder and most recently Hyundai USA. Having worked with and trained several leading design teams through the years, he believes this is the greatest team he has assembled to date. His long time passion for music composition even resulted in having a record pressed at the illustrious Abbey Road studios in London, England.