Guild Acquires Guerrilla Agencies Interference Inc. and The Supertouch Group

Brooklyn, May 13, 2014 – Guild, an 8 year-old collective focusing on the design and build of creative environments for brands, retail and artistic experiences has added two new services to their offering through the strategic acquisition of Interference Inc. and The Supertouch Group.

Both of the acquired companies were founded by marketing agency veteran Sam Travis Ewen and have helped pioneer the fast growing disciplines of Guerrilla and Experiential Marketing and large-scale Interactive Technology. Interference Inc.’s clients include Showtime, GE and Estee Lauder among others and The Supertouch Group works with brands such as AT&T, Starwood Hotels and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

“We believe with the addition of Interference, Supertouch and Sam Ewen to our growing family, we have created the perfect mix of disciplines.” said Jeffrey Hatfield, co-founder of Guild, “And now we can enable our clients to connect with their customers using an even more robust set of storytelling tools.” Peter Brown, who founded Guild with Mr. Hatfield in 2007 added, “This is a game changer for all us, not only does it increase our creative ability, it also broadly increases our efficiencies with the 13 years of experience that Sam’s group brings to the table.”

Sam Ewen will take on a new role of leading creative and technology services for the growing company. “It felt like a perfect fit,” Mr. Ewen said, “We have taken an extremely successful group of thinkers, designers and makers and added the ability to have their unique creations come to life with the addition of live activation and engagement technologies. I believe there will be few companies that can compete with us on idea and execution.”

Red Bull Builds BMX Ramp On A Moving Truck

Inspiral Bicycle’s Danny McAskill London Streets Music Video remains to be one of the most successful viral videos ever created both in terms of commercial success and critical success. It was a simple idea but the music choice and the brilliant editing created such a melancholic atmosphere that it achieves the impossible, force viewers to go through a self reflection while watching a guy ride his bike and do all sorts of suicidal stunts around the city.

It’s pretty hard for any bike-related brand to match the success of Inspiral Bicycle’s stunt and I dare say it hasn’t been done yet.

Red Bull isn’t exactly a bike-related brand, not directly at least. However, it did something that warrants a comparison with Inspiral Bicycle’s Danny McAskill Bike Music Video, it used extreme BMX stunts.

The Stunt

They asked Daniel Dher to do BMX stunts on ramps mounted on a moving truck. The truck moved around the city of Lima and were witnessed by pedestrians and motorists.

The truck, naturally, wasn’t moving very fast. It does make the stunt a little safer but it is still dangerous. Dher is used to doing all sorts of stunts on a fixed ramp. Years of training has been spent on fixed ramps, timing, precision and different moves have all been anchored on fixed ramps.

“I never did anything like this in my life. Once I did something similar on a boat, but never on trailers ramps… and in movement! .” – Daniel Dher

It is what is supposed to make the whole video exciting.

The Video

The idea is great but the execution is an altogether different thing.

It was obvious that the truck was moving very slow and the editing didn’t seem to make any effort in making it look like it was faster than it was. I am not sure if they were doing it for accuracy and honesty or if they simply didn’t have the raw materials to enhance the video.

I also didn’t quite get what “emotion” I was supposed to feel. While Inspiral Bicycle’s video was obviously a melancholic one that puts me in subdued state that allows me to better appreciate the awesomeness of McAskill’s stunts, the Red Bull Daniel Dher moving truck video seems upbeat. However, it’s too broad of an emotion for me to fully grasp it.

Is it supposed to inspire me? Is it supposed to make me feel just how badass this guy is? Is is supposed to make me want to go out there and go crazy?


The more critical issue is its relation to the brand. So, Red Bull allows Daniel Dher to do all these things but everyone knows that already. An online video like this is supposed to give Red Bull a deeper connection with the viewers. This video doesn’t quite cut it.

It is still a good video but not as memorable despite the good concept.


[ via Redbull ]

Images © Enrique Castro Mendivil/Red Bull Content Pool