10 Instagrammers Reinterpret Famous Works to Promote Parisian Museums

On May 4th 2016, Paris Musées launched parismuseescollections.paris.fr, an online platform that will make the collections held by the city’s museums accessible to anyone. To help spread the word of this amazing platform, they reached out to influential Instagram artists to do remakes of 10 famous pieces of artwork.

The final collaboration was made available online as well as posted up in the city’s Gare Saint Lazare rail station from May 11th to July 31st 2016.


@aaram_anis_Original @aaram_anis_Remake
@avner_peres_Original @avner_peres_Remake



@miss_etc_Original @miss_etc_Remake @nanlawson_Original @nanlawson_Remake @pomverte_Original @pomverte_Remake @poutge_Original @poutge_Remake @rafaelmantesso_Original @rafaelmantesso_Remake @valentinerie_Original @valentinerie_Remake @valhery_Original @valhery_Remake