10 Creative Ways to Save Money for Marketing your Business

If you’re the owner of a small business or a new startup, getting your message out to the right target market may seem very daunting. You may feel pressured to spend on advertising like the big players, but why bother if you can’t afford it in the first place? If you want your business to be on the same level, but with a much smaller budget, you need to find ways to market your business smarter. Want to get a heads start on creative marketing techniques? Here are 10 ideas to try out today!

Print out a magazine using recycled paper

For those who like to keep it old school, you can print out your own publication to give away to both existing and potential clients. Practice frugality and be environmentally responsible by printing your magazines on recycled paper. You don’t have to put together an issue every month, a quarterly edition packed with insightful articles and great deals will suffice.

Use your vehicles as roving billboards

Billboards can help generate interest for your company, but it can also set you back some serious cash. One way to get your name out there in your local community is to use your vehicles as your roving billboards. All you need is an attention grabbing design with a strong call to action and you’re guaranteed to get noticed by your target market.

Start a blog and create relevant content

Setting up your official website and posting on your very own blog is a sure way to get exposure online. Not only is it relatively cheap, but it’s also a great way to let people in on your brand story. With a majority of businesses doing their marketing online, you can’t afford to miss out on this golden opportunity.

Generate leads by giving away a quality eBook

While we’re on the subject of creating quality content, you could also look into the idea of creating an eBook to give away to subscribers to your site. Producing a well made and high useful eBook is an effective way to generate more interest in your business because people in general love getting free stuff.

Make yourself visible on social media

If you want to create a name for yourself online, social media is the way to go. Social media will not only fire up your credibility and reputation, but it will also provide your target market with an avenue where they can easily communicate with you.  Don’t just use your social media sites as a means to get your message out there, but use it to engage your target market to your brand.

Establish your credibility by speaking at workshops and seminars

Want to be known as an expert in your field? Then it’s time to shake off the stage fright and start booking those speaking engagements. By speaking at events like workshops and seminars, not only are you bringing attention to what you know, but you’re also gaining quality publicity for your brand or business.

Host a meet and greet in your local business community

Not big on public speaking?  Then host a meet and greet for your local business community instead. A meet and greet can help you establish your reputation in and around your community and at the same time, discuss important business issues with other business owners in your area. You might also be able to get some media attention if you invite reporters to your free event. 

Create partnerships with industry related businesses

Look for non competing businesses in your area that you can create a partnership with. You can pool your resources and work together to improve your reach and exposure. You can work together on a promotion that will give both of you equal exposure and get more clients at your doorsteps.

Start an affiliate program

The best way to get new clients is to get your existing clients to act as your brand ambassadors. You can do this by starting an affiliate program that rewards your existing clients for every successful transaction they bring to you. If you want to get sales fast, or rake in profit within a short period of time, this can help bring you one step closer to your goal. We all know how powerful referrals can be, especially from satisfied customers.

Be generous with your loyalty program

And since keeping an existing client is much cheaper than winning a new one, starting a loyalty program will help you save money on marketing costs.  Try putting yourself in your clients’ shoes and think of ways that will encourage them to keep doing business with you. The trick here is to be generous and creative so don’t settle for the usual 10% discount.

Have any creative marketing ideas that you would like to share to our readers? Don’t forget to share those ideas in the comments section below!

James is a Business Management graduate and a part-time blogger. His works are often inspired by his relentless research in the field of business. He also works for a flyers printing business in Australia as a designer. When he’s not busy helping small business owners on their start-up, he tends to practice and improve his writing skills on his spare time. You can follow him @JM_Jav21.