5 Enterprise Technologies That Will Become Mainstream For Your Business in 2015

Planning and developing a strategy for the future is one of the most important pieces of the business growth puzzle and the key to having a successful business plan heading into 2015. Every successful business needs to have a plan of attack in place that looks at the growth and service needs that present themselves in the New Year. 2015 is a new year and a new chance to do things even better. Once you’ve identified the areas that need additional work and the parts of your business plan that could use some help, you can develop a business strategy that will make the business grow. Here are 5 technologies you need to consider adding to your business plan for 2015:

Apple iWatch

This one piece of technology has taken the business and consumer world by storm or the later part of 2014 and with the first prototypes now being released, the Apple iWatch is poised to take the business market by storm in 2015. It is perfect for business professionals who are always on the go, but still need to keep in touch with team members and business associates. Even with the copycats and competitor’s duplicates, the iWatch stands to be even stronger since it will have access to all of the iPhone features, such as Siri.


Take conferences to the next level and make them something employees look forward to rather than something they loathe and dread. The free application of Uberconference takes web meetings and conferences and makes them digital and easier than ever. Attendees can view the conference live from any internet enabled device wherever they may be at the time. You can collect feedback, share ideas, show slides and presentations, live chat, and hold your meetings anytime- no matter where the attendees may be.  Know who’s on the call, who’s speaking and even see social profiles of all the attendees. Take conference calling to a new level and enjoy the benefits of Uberconference – all for free.


When HTML 5 gets onto the market sometime in 2015, it is poised and ready to become one of the truly essential pieces of technology for many businesses and companies who rely on a strong online presence. With the improved HTML system, web development tools can reach even higher levels of quality and performance. The world of the mobile Web and hybrid applications will also grow as the improved platform will allow for better development and processing. Ultimately, business can enjoy a better experience when it comes to delivery applications and they will be able to share and collaborate across multiple platforms and share data as they have never been able to before. This is why HTML5 is posed to take the 2015 business world by storm.


Need to be able to access your documents, images, files, and folders from anywhere? Need to share files and folders with business associates?  Tired of getting error messages when you try to attach files in an email? Well, Dropbox is the new way to share and store your folders and files in the cloud for free. Just sign up and you can begin uploading and storing documents, photos, videos and anything else. Keep things organized, share with any and all teammates, access files whenever you need them, and never miss out on a business opportunity again. Rethink the way you do file storage and sharing and give Dropbox a try in 2015!

WiFi Standard Improvement

While a number of gadgets, programs, devices, and software will be making their way into the business limelight in 2015, one of the most anticipated advances of the future is the coming implementation and development new Wi-Fi standards. These new and improved standards include advances like 802.11 ac, 11ad, and 11ah can help improve the quality and excellence of Wi-Fi performance in 2015. New regulations and execution speeds as well as enhanced Wi-Fi infrastructure will help take HTML to new heights and help businesses of all sizes see improved growth and profits.

Planning and developing business plans and policies for the New Year is one of the most important steps a business owner can take as they prepare for the New Year in 2015. Every successful business will plan and prepare in order to maximize growth and profits. 2015 is a new year and a new chance to do things even better. Here are some of the up and coming technology advances that you should consider as you look to take your business to an all new level.

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