7 Social Media Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2016

Social media is strongly influencing how people in different parts of the world share information with each other. This is definitely good news for marketers and businessmen because they can use social media to spread the word about their brands. For the last few years, social media has gained immense power in the world of marketing. In 2015 alone, social media marketing evolved immensely since social media platforms were constantly reformatting and adding features that helped businesses. With this, we are definitely in for new social media marketing trends in 2016. Let’s see some of the trends that many people are expecting.

1. The Buy Button

The “Buy” button feature is going to be very popular in social media once implemented because more and more people are buying things online. In fact, Facebook has already got to work on this “Buy” button. Some Facebook like pages actually have the “Buy” button already so that customers can buy or order products directly from the like page. It’s not surprising if there would also be a “Sell” button for members in a community who want to buy and sell items. However, that is still yet to be seen. For now, what we have is the “Buy” button.

2. More Paid Advertising in 2016

As social media platforms become more and more personalized, paid advertising and ad boosters are going to play a bigger role in social media marketing. Businesses are going to need more Facebook likes for their Facebook pages and more Twitter followers for their corporate Twitter accounts. Why? It’s because people are only going to follow the like pages or Twitter accounts that are worth following. In other words, they will follow the ones that are popular and has enough good review or reputation. Of course, you measure the popularity of a Facebook like page with how many Facebook likes a page has and you measure the popularity of an account with how many Twitter followers it has. With this, let’s expect businesses to pay more for Facebook or Twitter to advertise their accounts and like pages so that they can get more Facebook likes and Twitter followers.

3. An Increase in Online Video Advertising

Since it is so easy to share videos now with websites like Youtube or even Facebook, we’re going to see videos as one of the main advertising mediums this 2016. Getting Youtube Views is now going to count more than ever. Youtube is going to be one of the main mediums that businesses are going to resort to in order to spread their video commercials. We will also expect businesses to spend more for their Youtube videos to be promoted so that these videos will get more Youtube views. The more Youtube views a video has, the more popular it is among the people. This will also be quite true for Instagram since Instagram may also promote video commercials.

4. The Presence of Instant Articles

When we see an article on Facebook or on Twitter, we have to click on a link to be directed to the website that contains the article. In 2016, we will be seeing the trend of instant articles in social media platforms. No longer will we have to be redirected to the website that contains the article. Upon clicking on featured article, we will be able to read it on the spot.

5. Privacy Concerns Will Affect How Users View Social Media

Even if we do say that social media is used to connect us to other people indiscriminately, many people still have privacy concerns regarding the protection of their information. This is especially true because of the increase of identity theft and information theft in the internet. With this, social media platforms are going to have to pay more attention to privacy concerns in order to protect their users.

6. Live Video Streaming will be More Prevalent

Live video streaming has always been something that many people have been clamouring for in the past few years. In 2016, we can expect social media platforms to make live video streaming easier for users. In fact, Facebook has already added a feature that allows users to live video stream. Businessmen and companies can use this new feature to their advantage, too.

7. More Big Players in the Field

Since social media is becoming the next big thing, we’re going to expect a lot of other big players who are going to compete with big names like Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. It looks like Facebook and Twitter aren’t going to be the only ones at the top this year.

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