Best Ad Campaigns of the Past Decade

There have been ad campaigns and there have been ad campaigns that stood apart in the last decade. What distinguished the ad campaigns that stood apart was high recall, attractiveness and the ability they had to capture attention. Let us take a look at some of the remarkable advertisements of the past decade.

HBO – True Blood: Revelation

This was an amazing marketing campaign for HBO’s first True Blood season. Horror and gothic bloggers received an intriguing message during this ad campaign. The contents of the message were a vial of red liquid (mysterious) and a message in a “dead language.” They were led through this message to a website called – which was supposedly only for vampires.

On this website vampire videos were “leaked.” The videos featured vampires discussing whether or not they should open their secret to humans. This ad campaign had all the makings of high drama. In addition to the above campaign there was an outdoor campaign promoting TruBlood – a beverage. There were PSA’s calling for equal rights for vampires without mentioning the series.

A believable backstory about vampires drinking a synthetic beverage helped HBO secure a position in the minds and hearts of horror aficionados and made this show one of the most anticipated shows on TV.

Pepsi – The Refresh Project


Pepsi invested in Super Bowl advertising for 23 years and spent hundreds of millions of dollars on it. In 2010 it opted out of this event and spent a third of its annual marketing budget in a social marketing campaign called “The Refresh Project.” Pepsi pledged to grant over $20 million to social initiatives. People voted on which project should get the grants.

The campaign was pulled back due to slipping market share and fraud allegations but remains a shining example of huge brands committing resources to social and digital media.

Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

This campaign began in the 2010 Super Bowl. The brand had been almost forgotten. The campaign injected new zing to the brand via the super sexy, humorous and intriguing Old Spice Man. After 5 months he appeared in a series of 180 videos. Demi Moore and Ellen De Generes were among the distinguished people who noticed this campaign. P&G got 40 million YouTube views and body wash sales increased 107% within 30 days from the date this campaign began.

Queensland Board of Tourism: The Best Job in the World

All that was needed to get the best job in the world was a submission of a one minute video on why the person should get the job. The job involved exploring a beautiful Great Barrier Reef island and collecting the mail, feeding the fish and cleaning the pool. It paid $150,000 for six months. The campaign came through an innovative channel – the job classifieds of newspapers. PR and social media were cleverly used in this campaign. 34,000 applicants from 200 countries applied and there were about 500,000 votes. The man who one this job is one lucky king. But the promotion of tourism in Queensland was one of a kind.

The Blair Witch Project


This was an amazing viral marketing campaign. This ad themed on disappeared Maryland teens and how their footage of supernatural happenings was recovered. The story caught fire and spread virally over the then nascent internet. The budget of this film was in the thousands of dollars and the ad campaign cost virtually nothing. This film made it as one of the most profitable films ever.

This is a guest-post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is an occasional blogger currently working for banner4sale a banner printing services company where they offer outdoor and digital banners. When she is not working she likes to read and travel.


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