Depaul Shows the Actual Two Sides of Homelessness

A very clever poster campaign was created by Depaul UK, in order to raise awareness regarding youth homelessness in the most interesting way.

Depaul UK along with Publicis London came up with the idea of the Street Corners outdoor campaign, splitting their message in two sides of a wall, reminding us that “there’s another side to the story.” The concept was to split the text in a way that it can be read from both sides of the wall on its own, with one side promoting the common misconceptions about homelessness, while the other side completing the text in a way that numbers the benefits of helping a person with no shelter. This way, the campaign offers two different perspectives, which can be combined creating a bigger one, encouraging people to volunteer for Depaul.

Depaul Shows the Actual Two Sides of Homelessness

This way, they managed to grab the attention of people in six different sites in London, with their bigger goal being to increase the volunteers that are willing to help young people aged of 16-25 years old off the street. The so-called Nightstop by Depaul is a service that recruits volunteers that are willing to offer a place for homeless people to spend their night, which already provided 13,400 bed nights to young people during 2014.

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Despite the promising numbers of volunteers, they are still not enough and that’s how Depaul asked for the help of Publicis London for the ‘Street Corners’ campaign, hoping to expand it all over the UK, helping more people in need.

Posters serve both as a reminder of all the possible thoughts someone may have about homeless people, but also work as an encouragement to leave negative perceptions aside in order to help people that really need a helping hand.

Except for the clever text, each post offers details regarding anyone interested in volunteering for Depaul, while there is also the option to text or tweet about Nightstop. For example, the use of the hashtag #DepaulCorners allows to raise awareness about the work of Depaul, both about their specific campaign, but also about their services for younger people in need.

Depaul Shows the Actual Two Sides of Homelessness

According to Depaul: Now, it’s time do more. That is why Depaul teamed up with Publicis London to launch a poster campaign and encourage potential volunteers to text Depaul and sign up. Posters explaining how the service works will be fly-posted around the corners of buildings in London – the very places homeless youths find themselves without accommodation. One side of the corner explains the negative preconceptions people have about giving up their spare room to a homeless youth. But when both sides are read together the message transforms, showing the benefits of volunteering. Quite literally, “there is another side to the story”.

Depaul Shows the Actual Two Sides of Homelessness Depaul Shows the Actual Two Sides of Homelessness   Depaul Shows the Actual Two Sides of Homelessness Depaul Shows the Actual Two Sides of Homelessness Depaul Shows the Actual Two Sides of Homelessness


Client: Depaul
Agency: Publicis London
Executive Creative Director: Andy Bird
Creative Director: Paul Mason
Art Director: Dan Kennard
Copywriter: Ben Smith
Head of Art and Design: Andy Breese
Designer: Dave Stansfield
Photographer: Mark Wesley
Account Manager: Tom Froggett
Head of Operations: Debbie Burke
Agency Producers: Steve McFarlane, Ed Page, Greg Collier
Art Buyers: Sarah Clifford, Claire Lillis

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