Digital Marketing Content: How to Get It Right

Getting the Basics Right

Whether you are creating your own digital marketing content or employing the services of a creative agency, the most important thing to remember is to ensure you get the basics right. First of all, great design will grab the reader’s attention. From the layout through to choice of colour and imagery, the aesthetic aspects of your design will engage your audience and encourage them to read on.

Focus On Brevity

Always try to convey your point using as few words as possible. As the digital world creates more and more distractions, people’s attention spans grow increasingly shorter. Review your copy; could you deliver your message in two sentences rather than three? Trim the fat, and just leave the essentials. Don’t go as far as to bullet point everything, as you’ll quickly lose any warmth or personality from your copy. Think of the people that interest you, do they drone on making the same point over and over again? Of course not. Great orators make their point passionately but succinctly. Do the same with your copy.

Know Your Customer

Never lose sight of your target audience. It is the easiest thing in the world to get so wrapped up in a great idea that you charge ahead regardless of whether it is really suited for your purpose. Great ideas aren’t universal. Think hard about whether your idea for digital marketing content really suits your audience, or whether it dilutes your message. Think about your customer. How old are they? What do they like? What do they dislike? Why are they looking at your page? Cater to their needs from a position of understanding – put yourself in their shoes.

Content Is King

Again, the nature of your content depends solely on the target of your campaign. Don’t promise one thing then deliver another with confusing or misplaced content. Are you trying to raise awareness of your company or product? If so, to whom? Think of every possible angle to make your goal as specific as possible. Even with the perfect content, the wrong method of distribution will rapidly undermine your attempts to reach your target audience.

What Is Your Aim?

The answer to this question will shape everything you do with your campaign. Even with the help of a digital marketing agency, a digital marketing campaign cannot succeed without a clear objective. Without knowing exactly what your aim is, you will be a rudderless ship aimlessly sailing between confusion and disinterest. So, are you trying to attract new customers, or trying to up sell to your existing customer base? Maybe you’re just trying to push a new product or initiative? Perhaps you just need to increase the profile of some of your key personnel? Or is it actually that you’re trying to position the company for exit? If you don’t know the answer to these questions yourself, you need to find them, and long before you start executing a digital marketing content strategy.

Always Be Improving

There is no such thing as completed digital marketing content. The best online resources are in a constant state of fluctuation, evolution and improvement. Listen to your customer base, and what they think of your online presence. They won’t all be right, but you should be able to gauge a general consensus to help you to continue to shape your digital marketing content and provide the best possible experience for your customers.

Andy Brattle is a Managing Director of Digital Marketing Agency in London, specialising in brand marketing services like brand positioning, name generation, visual identity design, motion graphics & animation, etc. He loves to share his creative ideas on the latest digital marketing strategies. You can follow him on twitter: @andybrattle.

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