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Extraordinary Marketing for Extraordinary Businesses: Logos, Ads, and Networking

It’s part of the basics of marketing: advertisements should be accessible to the public while reaching for strategies that make a business stand out from the rest of the crop.  The way that you represent your business through marketing and advertising strategies is incredibly important: if a picture says thousand words, logos for businesses represent much more than the brand name. But it’s about more than the logo. Since the global market today is based around a continually-growing cult of innovation, companies have to strive to produce advertising material that is original and daring. Innovation within marketing doesn’t have to be complicated – it simply requires a mix of imagination and invention, and requires a strong understanding of your company’s vision for the future.


New Logos: Give Your Company a Fresh Face

Extraordinary Marketing for Extraordinary Businesses: Logos, Ads, and Networking Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Sometimes, it’s best left to the professionals to design a logo – though we have one understanding of our company’s reputation and purpose, it’s hard to translate that information into a medium that is visually digestible. But, that doesn’t mean you need to stick to the old standbys in the advertising world and work with a boring tech graphics designer to rebrand your company’s image. Often, the artists who do work in the “analog” world have the freshest and coolest ideas to translate to digital mediums (such as logo design or website design), whereas professional logo designers often get stuck in a particular rut.  Switch up your methods by hiring a professional artist to share his or her insights on color pallets and visual aesthetics.

New Take on an Old Standard:  Revving Up Your Business Cards

 Extraordinary Marketing for Extraordinary Businesses: Logos, Ads, and Networking Guerrilla Marketing Photo 

It has been a standard practice for decades, but now more than ever, classy business cards are necessary within almost all professions in order to network on-the-go. Sure, marking your own internet territory is important, but we all need to have a “hard copy” of our business information so that we can share our details in the analog sphere as well. But those tiny little white cards seem to beg for more creativity – how can you ensure that your company (or, you!) will stand out against the rest?

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Extraordinary Marketing for Extraordinary Businesses: Logos, Ads, and Networking Guerrilla Marketing Photo 

Try using a new material for your business card so that your name and details will carry a different weight – literally. Wooden business cards are a hip new option that can have an added bonus – they are environmentally friendly, as they are made of sustainable species of wood and also are printed using fantastic inks that don’t harm wildlife or nature when they are made, and also are not toxic to wildlife upon their disposal. Certainly, your company will stand out from the crowd with these portable little pieces of art.

Extraordinary Marketing for Extraordinary Businesses: Logos, Ads, and Networking Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Furthermore, many people who receive your business cards will share them with colleagues and friends, demonstrating your company’s cleverness and foresight of the upcoming trends. In this way, the effects of your advertising efforts multiply long after your business cards leave your hands.


Suggestions for Use: Give Your Clients a Creative Boost

There’s nothing worse than the pangs of buyer’s remorse: you get the product you’ve been lusting after, and within minutes you’re already question why you bought the item in the first place. Don’t let your customers have the chance to question! Use your receipts for a dual purpose, marketing while making the most of those printed little papers. Work with the stores that sell your product so that each time your product is purchased, the cash register will print innovative suggestions for how your customers can use your product. The key is to have an interesting, non-standard way of using the product – a quirky design tip, an uncommon recipe, a new take on your product’s purpose – so that the customer will keep that receipt handy and connect that ingenuity with your brand name. Who knows – they might even buy the product again just to see what tips or tricks come out of the register next!

The aforementioned tips are only just a few ideas that can serve as inspiration for your own marketing strategy ideas. Remember – it’s important that the advertising methods you employ are a good fit for your business’ methods and products. With a creative new approach to your business’ advertising methods, you can be sure that your company’s reputation will be aligned with notions of creativity and innovation – and that’s a great thing for any business today.

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This is a guest-post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is a freelance writer and a part-time marketing specialist currently writing for Prints on Wood a company which offers custom eco friendly wood printing on sustainable woods. When she is not working she likes to read and travel as much as she can. 

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