Five Offline Marketing Techniques that can Really Pay Off

Marketing your business online can help you gain the attention of people all around the world, but it’s important not to forget your local community when it comes to building a solid customer base. Even if you are not managing a brick and mortar store locally, offline marketing can really improve your results. Here are five awesome offline marketing methods to consider implementing to help boost your sales and improve customer relations.

Personalized Cards

Have personalized cards printed that feature a business card on one side, and a small brochure-themed informational portion on the other, so potential customers know exactly what they can expect when working with your company. Having them laminated will ensure their quality when a stack is left at local stores, or a few are hung on community bulletin boards. You can even find deals with discountrue 4inkjets coupons and get yourself a good printer to save money having them made by a third party. Leaving your mark in the physical world is a great tool for having customers really see and pay attention to what you do.

Community Sponsoring

A great way to get your company’s name out to the public, and start building brand awareness is to sponsor local community events and teams where possible. Whether you choose a little league team, a charity that’s close to your heart, or an educational event, being a sponsor will typically result in your company being promoted as a sponsor on all of their flyers, banners, and other advertisements. It’s a great opportunity to get the word out, and show where your business has other interests. 

Word of Mouth Incentives

You can also increase customer attention within your community by offering incentives to your current local customers for recommending your products or services to their friends and family members. You can offer future discounts, provide an entrance to a drawing, or deliver free samples of your products to those who send new business your way. Simply asking customers to make referrals if they’re happy working with your company should yield some noticeable results.

Partnership Opportunities

Look for other companies in your community that compliment your business practices and develop partnerships with them so you can advertise each other’s offerings. For example if you sell bicycling gear, you may be able to partner with an adventure company so they can promote your services and offer their customers a discount if they shop with you, while you do the same for them. It’s mutually beneficial and can gain you a lot of new exposure and business. 

Newsletter Networking

Create a customer network by signing people in your community up for your company newsletter. This will give you an opportunity to regularly send information, coupons, and event notices to entice your readers to make a purchase, or at the very least, contact your company to learn more about your offerings.

Keep separate tabs on the results of each marketing technique you choose to implement so you know which are working, and which may need a little renovation.


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