Five Ways to Promote Your Products Right

In an ever evolving marketplace, it can be a daunting task to promote your products the right way to reach customers. Gone are the days when people were dependent on heading out to their local retail store for all their various needs. Today’s mobile device packing consumer is far more aware of their purchasing options than at any time in history. If a consumer doesn’t know which product best fits their needs, they simply go online and look it up. Many websites help them to compare brands and find the best prices. Unfortunately, this makes it even more difficult for businesses to grab a consumer’s attention. Here are five product marketing tactics that will help to promote your products more effectively to today’s consumers.

Word of Mouth

Nothing helps a product go viral than when a person with influence tells all their friends to try your company’s product. When it comes to marketing products, word of mouth marketing is more powerful than the sword and the pen combined. The bottom line is people trust friends and celebrities for recommendations on what to buy above and beyond other sources, which is why companies have made an art out of paying celebrities to tell loyal friends and fans about products they use, support, or recommend. It is a marketing avenue that still carries massive weight even in modern times.

Email or Text Marketing

It sure took a long time to get used to setting up an auto-responder with all your well-crafted emails. Your ad copy was pretty professional looking too. Yet, you did not receive a single response to your email campaign. One of the reasons is because a large demographic of consumers, namely those termed Millennials, are more interested in fast paced text messaging than old fashioned email marketing. It may sting to hear that email is drifting into the old fashioned category, but email marketing is on its way out. Today’s consumer is glued to their smart device and texting like crazy. If your marketing campaign is unable to keep up with the consumer’s texting-based cultural values, then you are missing a huge segment of your consumer base already and your product sales will experience a decline soon enough.

Advertising With Popular Apps

If your company does not have enough money to toss at developing its own business-related app, a way around to this problem is to pay to advertise on other well designed popular apps. App designers currently control the major avenues to high volume traffic. If you want to get your products before a large consumer-base, then advertising to consumers through their smart phones and tablets is really the right way to reach the masses. To avoid this popular avenue of engagement is to fail to grasp that modern consumers are addicted to their mobile devices.

Leveraging Social Bookmarking

It is still popular for vast numbers of people to keep up with current events on many social bookmarking sites. With article marketing methods in hand, a company, like ASEA and its health promoting supplements, can take advantage of social networking sites to get the word out. It’s important to realize that these kinds of social networks need to be updated all the time. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and even Pinterest are great avenues for connecting with customers and even other businesses, but make sure you have the means to support this kind of marketing approach.

Paid Search Engine Positioning

Another key to product promotions that is still going strong is paid advertisement positions on major search engines. Although the landscape of SEO is constantly evolving, the major search engines still will help marketers get their products before targeted leads for the right price. A company can also improve their targeted product campaigns by working alongside product promotion companies that help to ensure a better rate of return. It really all depends on how much of a product promotions budget you have at your disposal to get the ball rolling.

Promoting products today requires a little more thought than in years past. Today’s consumer is not as connected to ads in the newspaper and email as they were a few years ago. Much of what people do today is an extension of communicating through mobile electronic devices. It only makes sense that marketing to people through these devices is where the future of advertising is leaning. To promote products effectively, a company must take steps in the direction of mobile device marketing campaigns to truly grab the modern consumer and make a difference.

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