Hansaplast Launches Feet Mag That Is Read with Your Feet!

There are numerous magazines out there that try to grab our attention, each one focusing on a different subject, but it seems that creativity never stops, especially if you think that there’s a brand new magazine that needs to be read with your feet!

Hansaplast was looking for a unique way to promote their new product line named FootExpert, trying to come up with something more than an appealing ad on a popular magazine. That’s how they realized that their uniqueness should be highlighted with a custom publication, referring only feet-related topics.

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How do you make such a magazine interesting?

It doesn’t sound very appealing to create a magazine about feet and actually expect your customers to increase on their own. That’s how the creative studio BEING France suggested that they create a magazine that is really innovative, being read with the feet!

Hansaplast launches Feet Mag that is read with your feet!

After all, as they mention on their promotional video,

‘Why read a magazine about feet with your hands?”

That’s why they adjusted its size and weight, making it larger and heavier, allowing its readers to read it from a further distance, with its weight helping them turn each page with their feet.

And if you think this idea sounds boring, wait until you actually check the magazine here.

(No the digital version is not suggested for reading with feet).

From foot fashion, to foot art, and even to foot horoscope, this glossy and colourful publication manages to grab your attention and advertise a product that would otherwise be boring.

The new FootExpert line consists of an anti-callus cream, a deodorant, an antiperspirant, and a regenerating foot cream, all targeting consumers that tend to be younger than the current ones of the Hansaplast brand. That’s how Marie Reynaud and BEING decided to change the focus of this marketing campaign, evolving from the serious band-aid brand to the cool one that still cares about your feet.

What’s more, except for the launch of the magazine, they expanded their campaign online, using the hashtag #selfeetHANSAPLAST, posting even more photos with feet turning the magazine’s pages.

Hansaplast launches Feet Mag that is read with your feet!

Of course, there are people wondering whether this idea was really necessary, questioning the need to read a magazine with your feet. Think of it, not everything that is fun and creative is necessarily needed by the consumers. However, if you manage to grab their attention with a new idea that they didn’t even think of it before, then this is definitely a marketing success!

What do you think of the idea? Would you read Feet Mag?


Advertised Brand: Hansaplast (Beiersdorf)
Title: Feet Mag
Advertising Agency : BEING France, Paris
Agency website :
Creative Directors : Thierry Buriez, Elzéar de Trentinian
Chief Creative Officer: Alasdhair Macgregor Hastie
Account : Antoine Lesec, Anne Crespo, Marine Bouvier
Art Director : Agathe Lunel
Copywriter : Arnaud Lecarpentier
Art Buying : Marion Courtiade et Jonas Texier
Released: April, 2015
The Online Advert titled Hansaplast Feet Mag was done by Being Paris advertising agency for brand: Hansaplast in France. It was released in the May 2015.

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.

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