Husband Asks the World to Help Him with His I Love Anne “World Valentine”

Every year Lonnie Anderson does something incredibly special for his wife Anne on Valentine’s day. Today is no different. In the past he has placed a merry go round in the front yard, posted around the town, did graffiti art and more. This year, he asked strangers from all around the world to create a simple sign that said, “I love Anne”, and post it on his Facebook page.

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People from over 40 countries ranging from Russia, France and the middle east have sent Lonnie photos for his “World Valentine”. If only more loving husbands and wives could follow the lead! So, today make this Valentine’s day extra special for your loved one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

World-Valentine-1 World-Valentine-2 World-Valentine-3 World-Valentine


Photos via I Love Anne “World Valentine” Facebook

Written by Ryan Lum

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