Introvert vs Extrovert: What Can Introverts Bring Out in Your Sales Department?

One of the most common misconceptions about building a sales team, is that it should be composed mostly of outspoken individuals, otherwise known as extroverts. The reasoning is simple and usually effective, since extroverts are comfortable with people. Having a good talker on the team is important to get the word out and for sales to go through. Problems can arise when employees continue to chat, procrastinate, and delegate their duties to others. An entire team of extroverts may be something that could secretly sabotage your sales team. The introvert, on the other hand, makes for an excellent employee when it comes to sales. Not only do they balance many of the potentially negative qualities of extroverted sales people, but also bring unique benefits that can propel your sales department towards success.

Let’s examine why you should consider adding at least one introvert to your sales team.

They Know the Product

Introverts are especially skilled when it comes to sales because they tend to become familiar with the products they are selling. They understand them intimately, which in turn allows them to understand both why someone would purchase that product and what role that product has.

Consider a new product designed to making cleaning a person’s home easier. Extroverted sales representatives may brag about its advantages without truly understand where the product fits. This could annoy potential customers and detract from sales. Introverts are more likely to recognize how a product fits into a person’s daily life.

They Listen

Extroverts talk. You may find that they talk so much, they drown out the other person in a conversation, which is something wholly undesirable when you’re trying to convince someone to purchase a product.

Introverts listen and understand people better because they do. They can then understand their routines, their place in society, and, depending upon their skill as a salesperson, recognize how a person could potentially use a product to better their life. This makes attempts at sales more successful.

They Prepare

Preparation is advantageous when considering the personal success of a sales representative, but it is vital when it comes to success as a team.

Introverts are useful to sales teams since they typically know how to prepare and don’t leave things to chance. They create presentations designed for others to understand, and tend to prepare themselves so they can answer almost any question someone may have.

They Focus on Long-Term Results

Introverts understand the importance of short-term and long-term goals and can see a big picture. They try to make short-term sales while focusing on larger results. This can make sales teams more successful, especially when introverts are paired with extroverts. They develop long-lasting business relationships that make it possible for them to satisfy a customer now, while providing them with better products in the future. This long-term focus helps a company’s image, which in turn promotes even more sales.

Giving Introverts a Fair Chance

The benefits that introverts bring to the table are too numerous for businesses to ignore. Using things like the Career Assessment Site to find out who the introverts are in your team can help you find the perfect place for them on your team.

Consider giving more introverts a chance when it comes to your sales department. They may be able to become an integral part of your team, seal the deal on many sales, and create long-term business contacts that reflect nicely on your company’s image.


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