Marketing Tactics to Attract New Customers

There are parts of your business that you can set on autopilot. Attracting customers is not one of them.

Marketing to successfully attract new customers needs to be altered often, because tactics need to be fresh. New tweets are fresh, but they’re temporary. Highlighting a new business sometimes goes in one ear and out the other. Many people probably won’t care enough about your business to tear themselves away from their Facebook page long enough to look. So what can you do to get the word out on your wonderful business?


Don’t groan, just listen. Testimonials (only use real ones) aren’t staged and since they are plugging your product, they inspire trust in advance. A few scattered throughout your site are great, but let’s take it one step further. How about an entire page on your website dedicated to testimonials?

Lifelock, an identity security company, does just that. Not only does the page have written quotes from happy customers, it exhibits professional videos of satisfied customers explaining how and why they’re happy with Lifelock’s service. These kinds of testimonials are like money in the bank: you have current, credible customers giving potential customers your sales pitch. It works.

Promoting Locally with Google

It’s always about Google… along with everything else, the search engine leader has some marketing strategies that work for businesses that need location exposure. If you need to promote locally, fliers and whiteboards at the post office can work, but another successful marketing tactic would be to use Google’s algorithms to your advantage.

When given a local query, Google shows the most relevant and best reviewed results based on geography. List yourself in all applicable local directories; make sure they’re ones that people use, like Yelp. On a side note, Google treats local queries with importance, so the higher your reviews, the higher your ranking.

Use Moz Local to make sure your address, phone number, spelling, etc., is correct and consistent across the Internet. Directories pick data out of a few choice aggregators, so you also need to enter your business information into the databases of the top four data aggregators: Express Update, Factual, Neustar Localeze and My Business Listing Manager. Search for data aggregation for more information.

Hold Events

Your top priority when you try to attract customers is to communicate. To get to know your company, potential customers need to know you. Hold an event. Teach them your products by holding onsite family gatherings. Hands-on demonstrations can do a lot to convince potential customers that your product is something they can and should use. Facebook contests also work wonders. You can hold a fundraising event for a local charity. This proves that you’re a great guy, promotes your brand, and helps a nonprofit all at the same time. Any event that will connect you to a potential customer personally shows that you are interested in the people, not just your sales numbers.

Attracting new customers isn’t hard. You just have to be motivated to use new ideas to do it.

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