Pentagram Designs Placards Made Only With Emojis!

Protests will never be the same again, after Pentagram‘s idea to create the first placards made entirely out of emojis.

The popular emojis have turned into a universal Internet language, which makes them ideal for a global protest. That’s what the design firm Pentagram thought and decided to create colourful signs with emojis, handing them over to protesters that joined People’s Climate March in London and paraded from Lincoln’s Inn to the Houses of Parliament.

The so-called Earthmojis contained several different messages related to environmental issues and definitely managed to grab everyone’s attention. For example, one placard featured a panda bear, an hour glass and a skull, raising awareness about the critical point we are reaching on the extinction of panda bears. Another sign featured a tractor, a tree and a horrified face (a very popular emoji on its own), reminding us that deforestation may lead to scary consequences for all of us. The Earthmojis that created all the different placards covered topics such as recycling, deforestation, cycling, etc.

Pentagram Designs Placards Made Only With Emojis!

Naresh Ramchandani and her team that came up with the idea tried to combine the power of social media use with an actual environmental protest, in order to show that there is always a creative way to grab people’s attention about important issues, in a modern and universal way.

Pentagram’s slogan was ‘great protesters need great placards’ and this thought led them to several colourful placards, each one with a different message. The vivid colors along with the emojis on them aimed at an instant appeal, but also in new way to raise awareness for global issues, hoping to turn them into a new innovative way of protesting. After all, environmental issues affect all of us and there is no better way to deal with this than the use of a new, but universally known Internet language. Although not everyone would consider emojis an actual language, it cannot be denied the fact that they have become a form of communication for a large amount of population.

According to Pentagram’s post on their site: “Great protests need great placards. They are an essential part of direct action, hoisted by modern-day standard bearers, proclaiming a stance to the world. But all too often their messages are lost in the throng, amongst earnest messaging and scrawled angst.”

Pentagram Designs Placards Made Only With Emojis!

This was a very clever way to target an audience that can instantly recognise the language of emojis, approaching them for bigger issues that demand everyone’s attention. Who knows, this might be a great opportunity to create an increasing interest on global issues!

Pentagram has announced their plans to make these placards available online, in order to encourage more people all over the world to download them and use them for the next protests that will take place in their cities. Think of the future protests how colourful, interesting and appealing they may be!

Pentagram Designs Placards Made Only With Emojis! Pentagram Designs Placards Made Only With Emojis!

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.

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