Pictionary creates Cloud Sketch to promote imagination

Remember the days when you spent endless hours trying to guess the word your friends were drawing? Well, now it’s time to take your creativity up to the sky!

Pictionary has teamed up with Saatchi & Saatchi in Guatemala in order to create a new way of guessing the figures, this time without paper, but with clouds! Except for the traditional Pictionary game that we had to guess the word our friends were drawing, another favorite game straight from our childhood was to observe the clouds and imagine what each one of them depicts.

Pictionary has decided to take the fun guessing game to the clouds, by creating a giant empty frame, placing it in a popular park of Guatemala, and inviting everyone to observe the clouds through it. It was a great opportunity for imagination to be sparked again, with every user sharing online what they saw through the frame, along with the hashtag #ISEE.

Pictionary creates Cloud Sketch to promote imagination

This time there was no need to actually draw something. Sky was doing it for you and all you had to do was to guess the figure. Or at least, to describe what you think you saw, interacting with other people that passed by, or even with online users that were observing the clouds through the shared photos.

Pictionary found the right way to blend the digital world with imagination and as they mentioned in their ad,

“There is something more important than logic. Imagination.”

Pictionary creates Cloud Sketch to promote imagination

People of all ages stopped to stare at the clouds, trying to describe what they saw and even more, sharing their experience with the online world. From a ball, to a snail and a horse, everyone used the #ISEE hashtag creatively, encouraging more users to join them.

This led to more than 25.000 tweets during the weekend of the ad, which turned the #ISEE hashtag into a trending topic in Guatemala, leading even to tweets from people that weren’t present in the park of the empty frame.

Pictionary creates Cloud Sketch to promote imagination

Pictionary along with Saatchi & Saatchi managed to create a campaign that is both imaginative and interactive, combining our feelings of nostalgia, our guessing skills and of course, our passion about sharing our thoughts and pictures online. There is no surprise why #ISEE turned into a trending topic, with Pictionary reaching a younger generation that possibly wasn’t introduced yet to the popular game, but was glad to do so even by guessing the shapes of the clouds!

And just like that, Pictionary was proud to say that,

‘this is how we make people play with their imagination’


Advertising Agency: 4am Saatchi & Saatchi, Guatemala
Creative Directors: Carlos Escobedo, Otto Gramajo, Marco Ramírez, Luis Alfonso Samayoa
Art Directors: Haroldo Moreira, Dave Galdamez, Axel Gómez, Luis Ovando
Copywriters: Mynor de León, Carlos Escobedo
Illustrator: Kevin Velásquez
Photographer: Francisco Sandoval
Additional credits: Giovanni Díaz, Edgar Tobías, María Isabel Felipe, Natalia Davis, Yomara Arnold, Haze Elliot Rivas, Luis Fernando Rocca, Darío Machado, Ender Barrientos
Published: March 2015

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.

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