SEO & PPC – The Power Couple

The Internet has created a range of opportunities for people to break free of the rat race and develop their own financial success through an array of online channels. SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (Paid Search) marketing have played a huge role in businesses success in the online space. In the modern era, it always seems like certain people are always crying out that “SEO and PPC are dead”. For some new entrants into the digital market, they understand the importance of undergoing these activities, but fear that they won’t be in a position to compete with those businesses that gained a large historical advantage. Below, we discuss some of the ways businesses can still benefit from SEO and paid search activities to improve their web business presence and commercial activity.

Search marketing puts you in front of your potential active buyers.

The great thing about search marketing is that it puts your website and business in front of actively searching customers. Search marketing for both SEO and PPC can work well when demand is triggered from both brand and market activity. To ensure that you capture the market from the triggered demand, it is important that your website appears in the paid and organic search listings, otherwise those potential customers that are ready to purchase from you will just go and purchase from someone else. It is important for businesses to invest into their search marketing activities to ensure that their organic and paid search presence places them in a prominent position to reap the most amount of customers from market demand triggers. To find out more information about how your business can benefit from search marketing, click here.

Search marketing can offer businesses a cost effective way to enter the market.

One of the major barriers that prevents businesses from getting off the ground is the amount of financial and resource investment that is required to acquire the initial market share. In traditional marketing activities, gaining exposure to a large market audience may have required an initial testing budget of several thousand dollars. With organic and paid search marketing, you can gain exposure for your products and services relatively inexpensively compared to investing in traditional media.

Search marketing activities can give you marketing data and feedback.

One of the great things about search marketing is how it can be integrated into a business’s wider marketing activities. When search marketing is implemented and tracked, it can provide data that is useful for other marketing activities for the business. Data can be received on a daily basis. If a business decides to trial a new campaign, they can test it and see what response the market has to it. This can potentially be cheaper than doing focus groups and running a large scale test campaign over traditional media through both above the line and below the line advertising.

Search marketing creates the opportunity for brand awareness.

Search marketing does guarantee brand presence for a business. The organic search presence can reinforce the credibility of a brand when they rank for a particular keyword. The paid search activity allows your site to appear based on your bid and budget. While it does offer some credibility, your site will be able to become discovered and may benefit from ‘front of mind’ brand positioning for the market.

Potential costs savings from running PPC and SEO in synergy.

Many search marketers aim to achieve search cannibalisation when they run both their paid search and organic search activities together. The theory is that by gaining strong SEO positions, this should add brand credibility and help to reduce the amount of paid for clicks for a certain search term. Furthermore, data obtained from both activities can be used to further enhance the search campaigns.

SEO and PPC are a major component in web commerce activities. In some cases, these two marketing channels can make up to 90% of the sales revenue channel for businesses. It is critical for any business that intends to engage in commercial web activity that they get these web marketing activities right, in order to start gaining online success in leaps and bounds.


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