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Six Creative Promotional Product Marketing Campaigns

If you are trying to market a business or brand, you have undoubtedly heard that promotional products are a marketing tool you cannot skip out on. But as the marketing industry becomes savvier to its consumers, it is more important to have a quality promotional product that has an extremely creative marketing campaign behind it to stand out from the crowd. Here are six brands that did it right:

Novocortex (a Dutch marketing company) made up promotional cling “stickers” for their car insurance client which looked like massive scratches to stick on cars in parking lots, fooling car owners into thinking they had been side-swiped. A closer look shows a fine print ad for the insurance company and an accompanying relief that their car was okay. These stickers were also given away for people to play pranks on their friends.


Iams (Australia) used promotional Frisbees shaped like barbell weights to show their dog food helps your dog become stronger. Who doesn’t want a clever Frisbee to play fetch with Fido?


Sometimes a squeamish response proves an effective promotional product campaign. D.D. Drin Insect Elimination decided to take a spin on the door-to-door flier technique, but instead of slipping a piece of paper under the door, they slipped a plastic roach with a message on the underbelly reading, “See how easy it is to get in your house?”


We all know the damaging effects of the sun on our skin, but we often choose to push it out of our minds when it’s a beautiful day at the beach. Friends of Cancer Patients took advantage of such a day and passed out black, coffin-shaped towels with a reminder of the link of sun exposure to skin cancer. They also passed out bottles of personal sunscreen and fliers with more information as the ominous warning slowly spread itself across the beach.


Alzheimer’s New Zealand distributed a useful promotional product to create a creative message. They took a hollowed eraser and put a USB memory stick inside to pass out at conferences and create awareness. It’s a simple technique, but useful enough that it won’t be immediately thrown away.


Blue Soda Promo, a promotional products marketing company, sent a mailer to some of the top marketing directors in the United States filled with 12 rubber ducks each with the Blue Soda Promo logo along with a note that read, “Read to get your ducks in a row?” This was a great way to grab the attention of new clients and stand out from everyone else.

Matt Powers is an Internet Marketer by day and pretends to be a basketball star at night, which works well since he’s 6’8”.  He also rambles about marketing and other random stuff on his own blog.

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