Stop Motion Animation Using 500 Smartphones

The Matrix was a ground-breaking film back in 1999 that featured mind-blowing special effects. It was quite the popular film a couple years ago butt the momentum faded. That is , until now.

‘Vega City’, a short animated advertisement inspired by The Matrix, was created by using hundreds of Vega No 6 smartphones used to create the backdrop for the animation – everything from the buildings to the sky were represented on the HD screens. The animation required three weeks of preparation to create 1600 paper characters which then took over 170 hours to animate into the final film.

  • 500 Smartphones were used
  • 1800 individual photos and 1600 paper characters are used for Stop motion
  • 3 Weeks of Pre Production
  • 7 Days of Stop motion Shooting

The video definitely took a lot of time to animate, but it definitely produced a very interesting short film! Well done guys.

Vega animation video still1 Vega animation video still2 Vega animation video still3 Vega animation video still4 Vega animation video still5 Vega animation video still6 Vega animation video still7

Written by Ryan Lum

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