The Power of Video: How It Can Help Your Business

Video marketing was once a luxury reserved for large companies with sky high budgets, but technology has made it easier for anyone to make high-quality videos with relatively inexpensive gear. The equipment is only part of the struggle when creating a strong video marketing campaign for your small business, however.

What makes for good video marketing? Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Why Video?

If you haven’t been utilizing video to get your products or services out there, you might be asking yourself why video marketing is so important. Video is digested quickly and easily by potential customers. When battling the rest of the web for customers’ attention, video will commonly win out over a written campaign. You can pack a lot of information into a short video, and reach a vast audience without taking more than a minute or two out of their day. In a nutshell, video can increase the exposure of your brand.

2. Engagement & Relevancy

While some marketing campaigns can become stagnant with a lack of interaction from customers, informative videos can be used to spark questions and discussion about your brand. For example, Apple Rubber has created an active customer base through their technical videos. On the company’s site where videos are hosted, customers are encouraged to ask questions, give suggestions, and play an active role in the direction of the brand’s products. When customers feel as though they are being heard, brand loyalty follows.

3. Attitude

No matter how well a video is shot, if you don’t include some entertainment value, your videos won’t hold a viewer’s attention. Add elements of style and humor to complement your information. For example, Dollar Shave Club uses the humorous slogan of “Our blades are f***ing awesome,” at the start of one of their videos, and features the company’s founder delivering the message with swagger and a straight face inspired by hard-boiled detective films. His playful attitude makes what might otherwise be a boring topic, fun.

4. Information

While humor can go a long way in attracting views to your video, be sure that the critical information is still forefront. Before the camera starts rolling, and even before writing a script, be prepared with a solid message. Craft between three and five bullet points that emphasize to the viewers what your message is, why it’s important, and what it means to them. Next, draft a script using a helpful template from Hubspot.

5. Call to Action

Your video may be entertaining and educational, but make sure it also includes the final important element, which is a call to action. Leave your viewers with a clear understanding of what you want them to do next. If it’s a technical video, ask for input and an open discussion; if it’s an advertorial, explain why customers need to go out and buy the product.

Remember these five tips when creating your own marketing video. Be sure that the final product is engaging, entertaining, informative, and clear on what to do next—your video campaign’s success will follow!