11 Unreal Augmented Reality Examples

It may seem that Augmented Reality use in marketing campaigns is slowing down; however, some marketers have found ways to use it to create some very interesting campaigns that truly shock and awe their audience. The Augmented Reality (AR) technology is still being developed and improved in various forms while marketers continue to work with this technology to test the many opportunities.

Below are 11 amazing examples of companies that did a great job of using augmented reality to enhance their messaging.

1) Pepsi Max Bus Shelter Augmented Reality

2) Sochi 2014 Augmented Reality with Olympic mascots

3) NO AD: NYC Application

4) The Walking Dead Cinematic Augmented Reality Experience

5) Vespa Magazine Augmented Reality

6) INDE Appshaker Showreel 2015

7) Google Glass Augmented Reality Makes Model Come to Life

8) UVPH & Appshaker Demo at AdTech San Francisco

9) IBM Augmented Reality Wall

10) Lexus Augmented Reality Brings Magazine to Life

11) Disposable Recycling EduGame


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