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BBC’s Frozen Planet Augmented Reality Event

Just as when you thought augmented reality’s potential has been milked to death, something like this happens.

The Augmented Reality Event

BBC, in partnership with Appshaker, created an augmented reality event that allows people to stand in the middle of playing dolphins, bears, and seals to help promote the release of their Frozen Planet DVD/Blu-Ray.

The augmented reality event toured different malls in several US States.

What Sets It Apart

Let’s face it. We all love dolphins and bears and seals. I don’t care how gangsta you are, when you see a bear and a dolphin, you will look at those creatures with a smile on your face. It appeals to everyone which, naturally, broadens the target market.

It is also highly realistic. That’s one for Appshaker. When I watched the video for the first time with no knowledge on what it is about, I thought it was held it’s one of those zoo shows where people get to interact in with dolphins and bears.

Doing it in the middle of a mall where other people watch as someone “interacts” with the bears, seals, and dolphins also instantly opened the whole augmented reality event for everyone to document, share, and experience.

The Result

BBC and Appshaker are yet to release figures on how many people experienced the event. On the branding side, however, BBC has one over Discovery and National Geographic. I honestly would expect something like this from those two but it had to come from BBC.

Could It Have Been Better?

Some would probably say it was not as interactive as it could have been. They are probably right but I would change a thing in this campaign. The level of interaction is just right given the venue. It was long enough for other people to notice what’s happening but not too long for others to have to wait for their turn. It was crazy enough for kids to try but not too crazy for adults to pass.


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