Become a Superhero by Using The Avengers AR App

Become a Superhero by Using The Avengers AR App Guerrilla Marketing Photo

It’s been a while since I watched a movie that made me feel like I want to jump into the movie screen and join in the action. I first felt it when I watched Star Wars. I literally wanted to help Obi Wan Kenobe and Luke Skywalker fight the bad guys.

I felt that again in Avengers. I was imagining what my costume would be like when I stand with them in that glorious circle. That’s all that will ever be, of course… an imagination.

What I can do now, however, is download an augmented reality app that will give me the next best thing, a chance to get the characters to fight in a video game. The app also allows me to take pictures with them beside me.

Is It Cool?

The idea of allowing the fans to interact with the heroes is good. Tactical promotions 101 would usually discourage asking consumers to go through a multi-step process before allowing them to collect their gratification.

Obviously, technologies like AR and mobile games have trained consumers to go through several steps. It provides several benefits to the brand or product including stretching the amount of time a consumer spends with the product.

What Is The ‘But’?

Neither the idea nor the execution is ground breaking. AR has been used by many brands and products for promotion. The least I was expecting is a new experience or a fresh take on the promo.

When I downloaded the app, I thought that if I go to Walmart, point my phone on a poster, The Avengers will appear around me or something exciting like that. I was expecting something that would transport me more to the film instead of making me a spectator yet again.

Then There Are Glitches

I got a lot of questions from friends who weren’t sure if their phone supports the app. Several others said they weren’t able to make it work. A few even claimed they app made their phones restart.

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These are minor problems. Most likely, these are concerns of consumers that are just lazy to “research” but any marketing person would know that any kind of promotion should clear enough for an 8-year old to understand.

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