Garfield Gets His Own Augmented Reality App

Garfield Gets His Own Augmented Reality App

The darn cat is now going all techie.

Garfield is invading your phones and cunningly manipulating you to make him invade your facebook, twitter, and several hours of your day telling your friends about your cute new photo with a cat that doesn’t really exist.

So this needs a bit of explanation.

The Campaign

I am not really sure what motivated Spar to do this. As an ordinary consumer, I think the brand is trying to: 1) strengthen its family-friendly positioning by using a cartoon character that, obviously, appeals to kids and 2) appeal a bit more to the youth (13-25) market because we all know this segment is astoundingly more childish and silly than 7-year-olds.

But that’s a guess.

What I am certain about is that ARworks created a [kindda] augmented reality iOS and Android application. By downloading the App through App Store and Google Play, you will put 6 images of Garfield doing different things like dancing like an Indian, spray painting, throwing a rope, and others.

You can then put these images on your own photo and goof the heck out of yourself. The photo may be moved around your photo, flipped, and rotated.

The Social Media Aspect

Let’s get this out of the way. It’s silly but it’s also cute and we all know that silly and cute go together like coffee and cake, strawberry milkshake and white sand beach, and Romeo and Juliet. Okay, the last one is questionable but we all know that when you get something that is perfect, you want to pass it around.

You can do that with this. You can email it or share it on Facebook. Your friends can vote for it or download the app themselves to outdo your goofiness. The latter is most likely to happen.

What I Don’t Like About It

There is only one glitch. It’s a two-step process. You will need to get a leaflet in the store where a QR code is printed. You know the drill – point your phone camera on the QR Code. That code will then push the App to the App Store or Android market, depending on the phone.

Because I’m a lazy knucklehead, I really just want to be able to download the App without having to scan the QR Code. I understand that this is part of Spar’s campaign and that they actually do want people to go to their stores. Still… I’m lazy. No campaign will change that.

Final Verdict

It’s cute. It’s nothing new and certainly not revolutionary but it’s cute… and silly… which makes it perfect.

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