McDonald’s Augmented Reality App Shows Whats Inside Your Meal

McDonald’s Augmented Reality App Shows Whats Inside Your Meal

McDonalds has been known for several things: happy meals, golden french fries and unhealthy fast food are just some of what comes to mind. McDonalds has been known for their unhealthy fast food made famous by Morgan Spurlock’s film, “Supersize me.”  Well, DDB Australia is here to help combat that idea with one of their latest campaigns.

It’s called the TrackMyMacca app. It was just lunched in Australia today and the app utilizes Augmented Reality to show Australians what their meal is made of .

The application allows the user to see where the ingredients came from and even information about the farmer. This seems to be a great way to get customers to interact with the brand and even use social media to invite their friends to track their Macca as well.

The real question is, will it work?

The app is currently only available for iPhone users and can be downloaded here. I’m certainly enthusiastic about the idea and am excited to see more companies using this technology. We will have to see if the app stands the test of time. Will users download this app? Will it be seen as a simple novelty one-time use item? Overall, will this application help change the view of McDonalds?

My quick feeling is that if the person is already eating at McDonalds, I’m not sure they care so much of the nutritional value. It’s fast food. I’d assume the food would be consumed faster than it would take for someone to download this app and scan it to watch where the ingredients came from. Then again, I could be wrong. Regardless, it’s nice to see creative uses of Augmented Reality! What are your thoughts? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. Funny. My colleagues at work were just talking about the TrackMyMacca campaign last week. We almost featured it on our February newsletter (but didn’t due to content overload, haha). You will possibly find our blog (THE IDEA MUG) interesting – it explore the creative use of augmented reality. Our recent article talked about AR giving brand marketers the opportunity to brush up on their laws of attraction. Give it a shot when you have the time!

    Here’s the link.

  2. McDonald always try to make people think that their food is healthy while everyone know that those are junk and fastfood and it’s quite funny to release app like this.

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