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Observations on Augmented Reality (AR) Android Applications

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As a new immersive technology for smart phone users, augmented reality (AR) for Android applications are destined to become commonplace on every smart phone in the next couple of years.

What Exactly Is Augmented Reality (AR) in the World of Android Applications?

Augmented reality can be described as viewing a physical or real image with components or elements that have been modified, using computer-generated effects. Often, the results will provide an enhance perception of the image in real time. The limitations of this feature are only constrained by the imagination of the developers.

Practical applications might include super-imposing a virtual scoreboard over the streaming image of a sports game that is being viewed on the smart phone or tablet.

How Long Has Augmented Reality Applications Been Available in the Android Market?

Augmented reality applications have been around for some time, and it continues to be one of the best innovative technologies for smart phones ever.

How Relevant Is Augmented Reality?

Often considered to be primarily focused on gaming, there is an indication of a growing niche market in AR mobile marketing. With new technologies quickly emerging for both the Apple and Android smart phone and tablet industry, numerous augmented reality opportunities will quickly become widespread once smartphone technology has optimize the phone’s feature functionalists.

How Does AR Benefit Applications?

Many applications use augmented reality. It was originally used for medical applications, industrial, and military applications. It now focuses on entertainment and commercial industries as well.

What Type of Applications Can Be Enhanced by AR?

To date, applications involving archeology, architecture, art, commerce, education, industrial design, medical, military, navigation, office workspace, and task support have gained from the significant advantages and benefits of using AR.

Additionally, applications designed for translation, tourism, and sightseeing, along with office workspace have all shown to be greatly enhanced by the use of augmented reality technology.

What Is the Future of Augmented Reality?

The technology is being used in a variety of ways right now. Many car companies are testing the benefits of AR devices by super-imposing traffic and weather reports on car windshields. Additionally, the US military is crafting numerous devices and components that provide information from multiple viewpoints to enhance their efficiency in targeting enemies in the battlefield.

The medical field sees the advantages of the technology. In the Android market, marketers are quickly developing a variety of products that will be used off-line, both commercially and privately.

What Features Benefit an Application Developer?

As a developer, you can use a variety of the features including image recognition, object tracking, and geo-location to enhance your application through augmented reality. Most popular smart phones and tablet apps help create a better world by providing information, reducing redundancy, or enhancing our daily lives.

Augmented reality is the type of technology that can easily pave the way for optimal interactive and integrated tools to enhance everyone’s lifestyle. Any developer that takes advantage of all the benefits that AR provides will incorporate its specific features into the build of their applications.

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