Unilever Uses Augmented Reality (AR) To Spread Digital Romance

Unilever Uses Augmented Reality (AR) To Spread Digital Romance

Unilever, a global hygiene and personal care brand, decided to take the digital route in one of their recent campaigns. 5SEIS, an audiovisual design agency based in Argentina, partnered up with the company to bring us this wonderfully interactive augmented reality campaign. The campaign was launched in Buenos Aires, Argentina to promote one of their products, Impulse.

Onlookers and encouraged to try out this special Impulse spray to see the true results. Using a large LED screen, the participants were able to interact with virtual characters in real time and take pictures and videos of their experience. Hundreds of girls received gifts, flowers and balloons of all sizes and colors.

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  1. I proposed a similar AR campaign as part of a grad application for Lean mean Fighting Machine with Prizeo as the client in mind. Let me know your thoughts …


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