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    How to Keep Audiences Engaged Like the Big Brands

    Big brands know how to use social media and engage their followers — and that’s not just because they have thousands of followers already. To make social media work for them, they’ve come up with a variety of social media campaigns that get their followers to like, comment, and retweet/share their content. Just how to […] More

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    The Evolution of Celebrity Endorsements

    Have you ever seen celebrities endorsing products and wonder if they really use whatever brand of juice or shoe polish they’re pushing? If so, you’re not alone and with the advent of the Internet and social media, it’s a lot easier to found out if Tom Brady actually wears Uggs. This increased transparency has led […] More

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    Increased Visual Media Use In Social Media. Are You Being Left Behind?

    There’s only one thing you need to understand when it comes to social media marketing, or marketing in general for that matter: a picture says a thousand words. People have moved from blogs, to microblogs, to micro media blogs. Today, social networks like Instagram and Pinterest exist where the only way to communicate is through […] More

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    Emotional Marketing in Branded Ads

    We are an emotionally driven society. We respond to images that speak to us, that spread more than just a product or service’s message by touching on subjects that resonate on a deeper level. Because of this, if a brand fails to connect emotionally with their customers and consumers, their marketing potential is extremely limited. […] More

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    4 of the Worst Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    When you’re learning the ropes for a new task, most people will show you the best examples of how to do something. However, I believe you should do the exact opposite. It is great to see a small example of what you need to achieve, but if you just look at perfect examples you won’t learn anything.

    It’s also just as important to study the complete failures. Not just for the laughs, but so you can establish a foul line for yourself. After all, how will you ever know you’ve gone astray if you don’t know where the out of bounds line starts? More

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    Emotions Are the Key to Viral Marketing

    Picture a primitive family gathered in a dark cave dwelling, listening intently to the patriarch in the clan as he tells a cautionary tale in the glow of a roaring fire. Now, envision a few of a king’s best launderers weaving a yarn amid soapy washboards. Finally, imagine an aging grandfather sitting on a porch […] More