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    Viral Marketing: How to Really Do It

    Getting something to go viral is much more difficult than people think. Just having a killer infographic or video isn’t enough. Was the “I Can Haz Cheeseburger” cat really revolutionary? No, but it did have incredible guerilla marketing behind it. What you may not realize is almost anything can go viral. People like to share, […] More

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    Are Television Commercials Obsolete?

    During the past few years, a trend has started that no one would have predicted even fifteen years ago: television purchases have significantly declined. So much so that the price of televisions have noticeably dropped. Many televisions today that have a price tag of a few hundred dollars would have cost at least three times […] More

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    What You Can Learn From Three Smart Guerrilla Campaigns

    When you’re organizing a guerrilla marketing campaign, your number 1 goal is to get attention for you or your client’s product. The very last thing you want is a problem that derails the entire campaign or, worse yet, attracts negative attention. For example, a campaign that failed to secure the proper permits before starting or […] More

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    Creative Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

    With today’s oversaturation of advertisements and marketing, you need something really creative to catch people’s attention. Guerilla marketing seeks to be subversive, new and interesting, taking advertisements away from traditional expectations into something really interesting. These examples of creative guerilla marketing show how thinking outside the box can capture the attention of even the most […] More

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    Feminine Hygiene That People Want To Talk About – Farting CEO Goes Viral

    Who said feminine hygiene wasn’t marketable?  Well, timing is everything.  And while successful viral marketing campaigns usually occur once in every thousand attempts, this is one that can truly be called the “time of the month.” While most men hide from the truth, one man had the valor to face his fears and look for […] More