BMO Welcomes NBA All Stars with a 10ft Tall ATM

It’s not easy to be a financial services company when looking for a creative advertising for the NBA All-Star weekend, but BMO didn’t seem to have a problem with that.

BMO Financial, or else the Bank of Montreal, is among the official sponsors of this year’s NBA All-Star weekend, and that’s why they decided to promote the event in a unique way. They placed a 10-foot-tall ATM in their headquarters in First Canadian Place in Toronto, right next to a usual ATM, using the message “The NBA All-Stars Are Coming.” Despite being an actual ATM, customers were not able to withdraw money (even if they used a ladder to reach it).

How do you promote NBA All-Star weekend then with a taller ATM? BMO picked the exact height of a basketball hoop attached to the backboard, hoping to prove that their financial services can still be relevant to basketball, in a creative and appealing way.

According to Jon Flannery, chief creative officer for BMO’s agency FCB Toronto, the 10-foot-tall ATM and the success of the ad derives from the simplicity of its concept.

“It’s such a simple idea – you don’t have to explain too much behind it to get it.”

The idea led to an extensive digital buzz, with media posting about it and people passing by the tall ATM, taking photos and sharing it on social networks. This led to 23 million impressions in just a few days, while it was only part of a bigger online campaign from BMO, stealing the show at such an extremely popular event.

“The BMO Ball-Star” campaign features a basketball that is hoping to introduce its own perspective to the fans by taking over the media, appearing on a TV spot and even live-tweeting through social media.

In fact, BMO’s Twitter account is handled by the basketball during the NBA All-Star weekend and despite not being directly relevant tot the bank’s services, it’s still a clever (and funny) way to promote such a big event, showing that you understand what your audience really likes.

Thus, in a series of short online videos we learn more about the #BMOBallStar and its point of view, while the humorous posts certainly won the audience!

This is a proof that in order to stand out during a popular event, you need to think outside the box and find a connection between your brand and the event, always keeping in mind your audience and what they’d appreciate.

It’s not about you, it’s about them. And that’s the key to success!


Name: Meet the BMO Ball-Star
Client: BMO Financial Group
Agency: FCB Toronto
Posted: February 10, 2016

Heinz Dominates Social Media with Cute Wiener Stampede Super Bowl Commercial

You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy Super Bowl, especially when advertising gets even more creative year by year. It’s the marketers’ joy to check the latest ads during Super Bowl, with brands spending millions to reach such a big audience.

However, a big budget doesn’t always guarantee a successful advertising and we can recall several examples to prove this point. It’s not easy to convince the audience to actually like your advertising and that’s when creativity is needed. Heinz wanted to promote the diversity of their products, so they decided to think outside the box and create a funny, memorable and slightly weird commercial, naming it the ‘Wiener Stampede’.

Heinz Dominates Social Media with Cute Wiener Stampede Super Bowl Commercial

The ad was full of cute wiener dogs dressed in costumes running towards men and women, leaving the crowd full of positive emotions. In fact, according to Nielsen, ‘Wiener Stampede’ was the ad that received the highest volume of positive buzz among all the Super Bowl ads, with 60% of the audience being women. What won the audience even more was the fact that Heinz teamed up with PETA, in order to promote the adoption of pets through their campaign, while they also kept up their concept through their social accounts, by using #MeetTheKetchups, posting even more about the cute puppies.

Heinz, along with the advertising agency DAVID from Miami wanted to create a unique ad, which creatively promotes the range of the Heinz products, in a way that they are linked with positive, cute and loving emotions (and of course puppies make their goal easier).

Heinz Dominates Social Media with Cute Wiener Stampede Super Bowl Commercial

According to Anselmo Ramos, founder and chief creative officer of David,

“We tried to find something simple, visual and fun to communicate that hot dogs can’t resist the great taste of Heinz,” adding that “So what better way than to introduce the extended Heinz Family than with a ‘weiner stampede’ during the Super Bowl? Heinz is an iconic American brand associated with great-tasting food and fun moments between family and friends, and its ads should reflect that.”

And just like that, a strangely funny and unique ad uses the right slogan, wrapping up what you just watched:

“It’s hard to resist great taste. Meet the Ketchups.”

What do you think of the ad? Was that your favourite one this year?




Agency: DAVID Miami
Founder, Chief Creative Officer: Anselmo Ramos
CD (Copywriter): Russell Dodson
CD (Art Director): Antony Kalathara
Copywriter: Juan Pena
Art Director: Ricardo Casal
Planner: Paul Ramirez
Head of Global Production: Veronica Beach
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Term/Media: I year, TV, US and Canada | Internet and Industrial, World. Unlimited versions and lifts.
Territory: US and Canada

Music Posters Start Singing in the Promotion of Grammys

A popular music event is always anticipated both by the artists, but also by their fans and its promotion should ensure that the anticipation is maintained at the highest level.

It’s not easy to come up with a campaign that meets the expectations of such a big music audience and that’s when creativity is needed more than ever. Grammy Awards have teamed up with the advertising agency TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, in order to create a video promoting the nominated Albums of the Year in a creative and most of all, visually appealing mashup.

Music posters start singing in the promotion of GRAMMYs

Thus, they have created a video showing the artists’ posters singing their most popular songs, with the mashup switching songs every time the passer-by moves from one poster to another. Kendrick Lamar, Alabama Shakes, Chris Stapleton, Taylor Swift and The Weeknd are all ‘present’ at the video, with their songs harmonically blending together, creating a great mashup for every music fan.

Music posters start singing in the promotion of GRAMMYs

As Jason Karley, the agency’s creative director, told Adweek, they were looking for a way to promote the awards by including the artists, even without having to bring them on set, due to time and money restrictions:

“We wanted to do something to get people excited for the Grammys, featuring multiple artists, that had a bigger conceptual idea than the usual list of celebrities, but didn’t have the time or money to get them all together for a shoot”

Moreover, the idea was to come up with a clever concept, but still in a way that is not ‘too creative’ to be consumed by the moment it is watched. Thus, there was no need to over do it with further innovation, as they preferred to make sure that the lip sync poster battle would be the centre of attention for the audience.

This allowed them to remind us the nominations for the album of the year, by also promoting the actual ceremony, which will take place on February 15.

Is there a better way to grab our attention and leave the tunes once again stuck in our heads?


Client: Grammy Awards
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day LA
Chief Creative Officer: Stephen Butler
Creative Director: Jason Karley
Creative Director: Micky Coyne
Sr. Art Director: Tiffany Lam
Sr. Copywriter: Angie Ogburn
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Call Brussels promotes tourism through actual calls with locals!

Tourism in Brussels has been on decline during the past months, with the city’s reputation suffering from the linked terror plots by the media. That’s when the official Brussels tourism office decided to creatively promote the city, proving that the city is safe.

It was back in November when Brussels was facing a Level 4 alert and lockdown after the terrorist attack in Paris, with the country being portrayed by the international media as a dangerous war zone that tourists should avoid at all costs. This had a significant effect on the tourism, with people all over the world postponing their visit to Brussels.

Call Brussels promotes tourism through actual calls with locals!

‘Call Brussels’ is a campaign linked with the site, hoping to use the power of the Internet and the appeal of the live interaction as a way to let the local residents speak directly with the potential tourists. Three phone cabins have been placed in central places of Brussels (Mont des Arts,Place Flagey and near the newly-famous town hall of Molenbeek) with foreign tourists being encouraged to visit the site, pick the phone cabin of their choice and call a passer-by. Both tourists and local residents were happy to try out the experiment of the campaign, leading to numerous interesting conversations with people all over the world, mentioning to Belgians how they worry about their safety in case they visit Brussels.

Call Brussels promotes tourism through actual calls with locals!

The combination of the welcoming and reassuring citizens with the live camera close to the phone cabins managed to calm down the tourists, eliminating their concerns regarding the safety of the city.

In just 5 days, the ‘Call Brussels’ campaign counted 12,688 calls form 154 countries, proving that the idea was more than successful. What’s more, #callbrussels was spread on the Internet, boosting the city’s image again in the most authentic way, leading to more than 9 million impressions on social media.

Viewing the campaign from a marketer’s perspective, it is another proof that people are more open to real and genuine ‘reviews’ (residents’ perspective in that case) than direct promotional campaigns, feeling that this way they can trust the actual opinion more than any old-fashioned advertising. Think of it, a local’s point of view is more important than any poster, or video, deriving from a typical campaign by the tourism office, right?

The power of influence in marketing, whether it’s from friends or strangers, is stronger than ever on the Internet and #callbrussels certainly used the concept in the best possible way!


Advertising Agency: Air, Brussels, Belgium
Executive Creative Director: Eric Hollander
Creative Directors: Dieter de Ridder & Joeri Van Den Broeck
Creatives: Julien Scouze Riviezzo, Sébastien Stronghead Verliefde
Head of Digital Production: Greg Pin
Digital Project Manager: Maxime Van Santen
Account Manager: Daphné De le Vingne
Designer: Maxime Douillet
Producer: Bérengère Lurquin
Press Relations: Whyte – Eveline De Ridder, Arianne Goossens, Wim Lefebure
Media: Christine Jean / Initiative Belgium
Web Development: Globule Bleu
Engineers: Teken & Maak
Phone System: Aircall

Renault Creates Car That Tracks How Much Attention It Gets on the Road

Do you remember the moment you saw your dream car for the first time? Well, that’s what Renault asks us, while looking for an innovative way to promote Renault Megane.

There’s something about the first moment you’re looking at something new, especially when it’s a shiny new car and you’re passionate about the car industry. Renault is aware of that, but apparently a Youtube video was not enough for them as a way to promote Renault Megane. Renault along with the advertising agency Publicis in Belgium decided that Youtube views are not the best possible indicator for the attention a new car invokes, or at least, they serve as a well established indicator, without offering anything innovative. That’s why they came up with the idea of unleashing the dream car in the streets, measuring its attention with real views.

Renault Megane Tracks Real views On the Road

It’s not always easy to measure passion and attention, even with the power of social media, and even today, the best reactions are the ones that occur in real time. As Renault mentions in their campaign, “we decided to collect the views that really matter, those in the streets.”

That’s when they fitted camera and facial recognition software in Renault Megane, turning it into the first car in the world able to detect real views. The concept was successful, as the car managed to gain actual views, while the campaign was encouraging consumers to get rewarded for their attention by visiting a special site, predicting the real views for Renault Megane, with the chance to win tickets for Grand Prix F1.

Thus, Renault managed created a campaign that grabbed the audience’s attention and also increased traffic, engagement and participation in their contest, all linked to Renault Megan’s promotion. It is becoming harder than ever to appeal to demanding consumers, especially when asking for their valuable attention and this makes the campaign even more successful. It even raised the bar for the competitors to come up with new ideas on how to be innovative and also appealing to the audience.

What do you think?


Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Tom Berth, Geert De Rocker
Digital Creative Director: Naïm Baddich
Creatives: Marc Richard Vander Heyden, Kermit Cota
Development: Tim Knapen / Indianen
Copywriter: Maarten De-Maayer
Strategic Planner: Dieter Riemaeker
Digital Producer: Tanguy De Kelver
Web Development: Everything is Fun
Web Design: Not Human – Prspx
Account Director: Muriel Douchain
Account Managers: Allen Marchant, Aline Huls
Film Production Company: Geronimo
TV Producers: Tuyen Pham, Marc Van Buggenhout