4 Quick, Easy Steps to Refresh Your Marketing Campaign

Staying on top of your competition is about paying attention to the trends. If you can implement the latest thing before your competitors, you’ll be able to utilize the best new research and methods to reach people in our ever-changing social landscape. As you take a close look at your marketing strategy for 2013, refresh your efforts with several techniques that will help you build your business in the coming year.

1) Rethink email marketing.

If you only have one email marketing mailing list, you’re missing out on a significant strategy for better reaching subscribers. Instead of sending the same emails to everyone, create targeted subscriber lists dividing your subscribers into specific segments. You may want to send separate types of emails to repeat customers, people who abandon purchases in their shopping carts and people who got on your mailing list through social media. Email marketing services are available to help build your lists and provide strategies if this task seems overwhelming or you don’t understand what types of lists would be most effective for your business.

2) Attend to your mobile strategy.

The number of people who encounter your online marketing on their phones and other mobile devices is only going to increase in the coming years. Therefore, incorporate more specific mobile marketing into your strategy to ensure you’re reaching this segment of your customer base. For example, your website needs to be optimized for mobile and your emails should be short so they’re easy to read on a small screen.

3) Implement omnichannel marketing.

If you’ve been focusing most of your marketing attention on just one channel, or type, of marketing, it’s time to expand. Launch marketing campaigns on several channels at the same time to get the best reach, because not all of the people you’re reaching are going to be looking in the same place. The best omnichannel marketing campaigns have the same overall message or theme, but with different features for each channel to best take advantage of the medium and to capture the attention of people who may use multiple channels.

4) Leverage social media.

mobile_social-e1316784142985 Give your brand a human feel with interactive social media campaigns. These days, you can’t just make a page on Facebook and call it a day; you’ll need to be connected on a daily basis to post new updates, upload photos, add videos, link to interesting articles and blog posts, and respond to customer feedback. In addition, be active on Twitter, Google Plus and maybe even Pinterest to make the most of social media marketing. All types of social media do well with up-to-date, newsworthy and witty content that encourages people to share with their contacts and expand your reach. Throughout all of these steps, utilize technology to track how your campaigns are doing. If you have the tech in place, you can find out how visitors are getting to your website and what they do there to learn which of your campaigns is most effective. Focus on these campaigns and strategies while continuing to experiment with new methods to revitalize your other marketing campaigns until you’re effective in reaching customers through a wide array of techniques. — Dawn Altnam lives and works in the Midwest, and she enjoys following the business tech world. After furthering her education, she has spent some time researching her interests and blogging of her discoveries often.


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