4 Ways Merging Guerrilla Marketing with Your Web Design Can Boost Your Online Brand

It’s no secret that web design is an important factor for successfully conducting business online, however many web marketers fall into the trap of creating a stale or even bland web design that fails to captivate the imagination and desire of their website’s visitors. Their goal is to get more web customers by being promoted freely by the visitors of their website.

However, when it comes to executing this successfully in their web design, they tend to struggle. Landing page design experts Showtime Digital share the following examples where web design has been integrated successfully with guerrilla marketing efforts; and you should be able to implement it in your web design and marketing campaigns too.

Ensure that the design and web copy motivates people to share your site’s content.

You want to get as much free promotion as possible and the only way you can achieve that is if people are willing to share your site’s content. The web design and copy must compel people to share your website’s content with their friends, people in their community or on their social platforms. This will magnify your website’s reach from tens to thousands or even millions.

The web design needs to appeal to the web visitor aesthetically and must trigger an intent for them to share the content in one of their desired communication channels. You could implement this by using sharing buttons or website prompts to get the web visitor to share it online.

Differentiate your brand by publishing new content regularly.

Google has done this successfully for years by differentiating itself with its Google Doodle on a daily basis. When Google first launched its web search engine, it differentiated itself from other search engines with its minimalistic design and an updated Google Doodle. This helped Google establish its own brand and incentivised a niche group of users to continue reusing its platform, even if it was just to see the Google Doodle everyday.

Over the years, the doodle has grown in popularity and has even created opportunities for Google to gain free PR on major news networks and media giants. You can see a history of Google’s Doodles via the following link.

Tap into augmented reality.

There are times when offline and online activities merge. There might be an opportunity within your business to incorporate augmented reality in your website’s design.

As more people use their mobiles, businesses can use mobile apps to get people to engage and share their web content. IKEA executed this well with their online catalogue, which allowed people to use their mobile devices to visually see how IKEA furniture would look like within their home.

You can see an example in the video below.

Design a 404 web page that can help amplify the website’s brand presence online.

Most websites opt for a standard 404 error web page when they could actually design the web page in a way to make it more interactive and shareable. Food rating app Nosh gained a flurry of exposure online when they published a 404 error web page that had a video reel of them in a warzone, trying to reclaim a lost web page.

The creative 404 error page gained so much popularity by being shared on Reddit that it ended up getting featured on Time Magazine’s article, ‘Please witness the best 404 page in history’, which provided the website with viral exposure. You can see the video that was featured on their site below.

Tapping into guerrilla marketing is a great way to trigger excitement and inspiration in your web visitors so that they will feel compelled to engage and share your website’s content. The examples that have been provided show 4 clever, yet inexpensive ways to incorporate it into your website’s design, which could yield more exposure opportunities over the long-term.

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