4 Ways To Use Guerrilla Marketing To Promote A Service Based Business

What can the start up entrepreneur do to get his service based business off the ground and still keep cash flow in tow? He needs to get creative and also do some guerrilla marketing. This is perhaps the cash strapped entrepreneurs best friend during the thin start up years. However just because you don’t have oodles of cash to hire the best and begin large scale marketing campaigns, doesn’t mean you can’t have a devastatingly good turn out. There are countless stories of companies that got off the ground with little to no money. So money is indeed NOT the key.

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What is key is your determination, passion and skill in coming up with alternative ways of establishing your company as the go to service provider within your niche. How do you do this? See our tips below for some fresh and smart ideas.

1. Local Niche Meetups

Everyone has heard of the website but not many use it for business or for marketing and networking. However there are many Meetups which are solely for this purpose, to network and to talk business. If there’s a local one in your area that serves this purpose, this is an excellent opportunity for you to get a guerilla marketing campaign going. However you will want to first ingratiate yourself in the group or community first before ever mentioning your service and what you offer. You could simply join and then get to know the other members first, then find ways to either collaborate with them or help them in some way. When you’re seen as a contributing member of the group, you will most likely have an easier time marketing yourself and your service business – when the proper opportunity presents itself.

2. Chamber of Commerce

Because almost everything has moved online in terms of marketing, it’s easy to dismiss and or forget about wonderful offline marketing resources such as your local chamber of commerce. However many underestimate the power and reach that a nearby chamber of commerce can offer the service professional. If you’re a savvy networker and one that knows how to navigate various personalities, then offline events and mixers are an excellent chance to get your name and your company’s name out there. Give it a try today.

3. Email Club

This is an old low cost standby that many blog and website owners rely on to get the word out. However it can be used by anyone that has a business and needs to get in touch with her or her customers on a regular basis. The great thing about an email club is that you can reach prospects where they most likely will see your message. The inbox. A coveted and precious space of online real estate that can be quite lucrative – if used properly. Getting permission from someone to email them is akin to an invite into their home. However just because they let you in, doesn’t mean you can’t fall flat on your face, you still need to be a good guest and deliver on your promise. Be strategic, be smart but most important of all – deliver on your goods. When you do this, you’ll get invited over and over again.

4. Free Tryout

Depending on what service you offer, sometime a freebie is what’s needed to get that paying customer. If you offer website design services, why not offer a free Twitter background or YouTube channel cover so that your prospective client can test and try you out. If they like what they see, they most likely will want more and order some of your bigger offerings. Which is precisely what you want. Create a freebie offer most can’t refuse, and then hook em in for the bigger sale.

The four ideas above are just a small sampling of the many creative things you can do with guerrilla marketing. Fact is you’re only limited by imagination, however the key is to tie it into your specific niche and offer something of value to your demographic. The more specific and tailored your pitch and approach – the better chance of success you will have.


This guest article was contributed by Mack Hamilton of Zoober Training in the UK. Find out more about Zoober, by clicking the link.


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