5 Simple Tips For Creating Sales Messages That Produce Insanely High Conversions

Many people think copywriting is about the words on the page. This could not be farther from the truth. Copywriting is about the psychological forces behind the words. When you understand the psychology of your customers, and what makes them tick, you can produce exceptional sales messages that explode your response rates. Here’s five tips to do it.


Tip #1: Figure Out The Primal Desire of Your Market And Give It To Them

Before you can even write a single word of copy, you need to ask yourself this question: What does my market really want? The mistake that people make is slaving away at a product for years or months based on what they are passionate about, rather than figuring out what the market actually wants. The reality is that nobody cares what you want to sell them. All they care about is what they want to buy.

You never want to sell people what YOU think is interesting. You want to sell people what they find interesting and they find appealing. To do this you need to appeal to the primal desires of your market. What do they want deep in their lizard brain that they may not even know or admit to themselves? Most of these final desires are not rational at all. They are completely irrational. Purchasing decisions are always based on emotional reasons and later justified with logic.


Tip #2: Use Stories That Create An Immediate And Powerful Emotional Impact

When you create a story, you should write in a way that literally shocks people out of their current state and connects with them emotionally. One way to do this is to focus less on the actual benefits of the product and more on the story and experiences people would have who are in a market for that type of product.

The best and most effective’s type of story is a true story that comes from the product creator. The key point here is to realize that drama and emotion will outsell logic and facts every single time. The more dramatic you make your story, the more impact it has on people emotionally. And as I mentioned in the last tip, people buy because of emotional reasons not rational ones.


Tip #3: Make Rock Solid, Emotionally Appealing Promises

Marketing is the art of making a promise and keeping it. But unless that promise is a strong one that people resonate with, you might as well not make a promise at all. When writing your copy, forget about all the rules and limits and just right emotionally. Write the most compelling, engaging, powerful promise that you can come up with.

Ask yourself this question: What’s the promise that you would make to your market if you were a magician and could make anything or any event materialize out of thin air? The more detailed and specific you can be with the promise the better. You want to go too far with your promise at first and then pull it back instead of holding back from the start.


Tip #4: Use A Magic Mechanism To Add An Irresistible Hook To Your Offer

Your mechanism makes the promise simpler, easier, and more done for you. This creates a more specific picture in your prospects mind of how your product solves your customers problems. In general, your prospects have low self-esteem and very little belief in themselves about their ability to solve their problem on their own.

They don’t believe they can do it themselves. They would rather rely on some sort of magic button to do the work for them. The more you can explain how your product eliminates the work necessary to fulfill their objectives and desires, the higher your sales will be.


Tip #5: Validate And Confirm Their Beliefs

There’s an old saying that goes like this. “Enter the product conversation already going on in your prospects mind.” This was said by one of the early copywriters like Claude Hopkins or David Ogilvy. This is a good approach. A better, more relevant, and even more powerful statement is “dive into the war already being waged in their heart.” Simply put, you want to confirm their prejudices, irrational beliefs, and soul crushing fears your market already has around your big idea or niche.

A great way to begin a sales letter or video, is to pace what they’re already feeling or thinking about regarding their problem and lead that into how your product solves it for them. This works because people have a natural inclination to seek validation for their own beliefs. People love feeling that they are right. The more these beliefs seem outlandish and ridiculous, the better.

Incorporating these five tips into your copy can create explosive results. Just remember that all of these tactics revolved around knowing your market on an intimate level. They will only work for you if you deeply understand your prospects and the feelings and beliefs that motivate them to purchase.

Steve Goldberg is a copywriter who loves to write about sales letters, sales videos, and email copywriting. Click here to visit one of his websites.


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