5 Tools To Tap For Profitable Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

The long hot summer has ended.  Once again you’re tasked with developing innovative guerrilla marketing ideas to take advantage of heavy trading periods at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year 2014 and Valentine’s Day. Help is at hand with these five easy and affordable tools which will prompt a surge of creativity based on what customers and prospects are fascinated by. Using them you can effectively harness more of their intent into targeted integrated guerrilla campaigns which convert. On the plus side, they can be used year-round and for any number of micro campaigns:

1) Galvanise Your CRM

CRM is all about maximizing the sales of a product. Nurturing a profitable stable of prospects and customers takes time and effort. With a powerful CRM system you’re half way to winning the sales battle. It tells you what your prospects are interested in, and what segmented customers like, dislike, purchase, and want more of.  By deep-diving into your CRM you can quickly pull out demographic, gender, and sales patterns and latent trends which can be developed into an exciting guerilla marketing campaign that is fact-based and bang on target. Popular and affordable CRM systems are produced by Microsoft Dynamics,, Maximizer Software, and

2) Signals On Social Media Platforms

Chances are that these days most of your customers and market champions chatter about your brand and its reputation on social media. Social media monitoring tools such as Tweetdeck, Tweetreach, SocialFlow, Facebook Insights, Topsy, Engagor, Followerwonk (on MOZ), TwazzUp, Hootsuite, and Buffer help you determine which products and services to market, which to drop, which deserve a facelift, and where sales fail to perform. These insights enable you to tailor actionable guerrilla campaigns that meet your various campaign goals and objectives.

3) Analyse Google Analytics

It’s a goldmine of digital-related information, all for free for anyone to use. Even better it’s super fast with results presented in a customizable array of dashboards. Generally used to understand accurate web traffic, which keywords serve best, online advertising data, and conversions you can also amplify any trends gauged to pass through guerrilla marketing tactics. Either way, it’s a true low cost winner which can drive impressive results.

4) Online Survey Questionnaires

Surveys can be a big help in understanding the opinions of your customers and influencers, and how successful your previous campaigns were. They can either be free, or a cost-effective way to capture feedback and prospect for unexpected ideas, both achieved quickly and easily. A list of subject focused multiple-choice questions can generate a decent response rate. Most tools provide some data analysis and a simple report of the results. Some packages also integrate into web and social media networks so you can action polls whenever suits. Popular tools include, SurveyGizmo, and Zoomerang. You can also generate further inspiration by asking direct questions on social knowledge sites, the best known of which is Quora.

5) PR And News-Tracking Alerts

Beyond social media monitoring you can learn a great deal about your competition’s developments by keeping abreast of sector news announcements. Corporate and product launches reported in the media, and the coverage from it, will inform you what are the current gaps in the market, market perceptions, and provide an incentive to create on-the-ground news-jacking, publicity stunts, and guerrilla strategies which close the attention and sales gap in your favour. You can track the competition through free tools such as Google Alerts. More sophisticated and paid services exist such as Brandwatch, Meltwater, Vocus, and Cision.

Laura Abrar has six years experience in PR and communications for global technology brands, as well as in digital marketing for SMEs in the United Kingdom.


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