5 Ways to Grow Your Brand Awareness Using Promotional Merchandise

Firstly it is important to remember the obvious – Your Brand is everything. Your Brand is the welcome mat or the locked door to potential customers, and by building up your Brand Name in the online and offline arena you will potentially reach more clients and customers.

History speaks for itself. Companies and small businesses have used custom promotional items for years to help promote brand awareness at events, expos and conferences.

Below are a few ways where and how promotional items can help your brand.

1. Reinforce existing products or services

Once in a while, strive to improve your products or services. Do this by adding extra features to existing products, or offering extra service in addition to a current one without increasing the price, or a little raise in the price to make it affordable for your clients. This will help increase customer loyalty to your brand, and possibly motivate clients to refer your offers to their peers or colleagues.

2. Highlight new products or services

To increase the awareness of your new products or services, it’s vital that you promote them through various platforms. Promote your new products or services at trade events in your local community. Distributing branded flyers, clothing, and lanyards of your new offers at sporting events in your local area is another effective way to create awareness about your new products or services. Additionally, include a manual or white paper about the new offers in the package of your existing products or services. It will help customers learn about them.

3. Promote a good reputation for the business

A good reputation can be a powerful tool for instilling your brand in the minds of your customers and potential clients. People have the tendency to remember good things that happen to them, or that someone has done. And gifts are no exception. There are various ways to touch lives within your community where you run your business. You can donate writing pads and pens to local schools. Offer gift baskets to newborn babies at various maternity hospitals within your local area. Sponsoring organizations with humanitarian initiatives can also be a good way to build reputation for your business.

4. Help to retain or recapture current and past customers

Ideally, you have the contact information of your current customers and past clients, stay in touch with them by sending them promotional items with your brand name boldly printed on them. The items could be clothing such as T-shirts and designer caps, key holders, pens, writing pads, lanyards, or any item that you deem people will utilize on a regular basis. You may also add some of the promotional products to the packages of your offers.

5. Empower your employees to help spread your brand name

Your employees can collectively play a major role in spreading the word about your brand. Empower them by giving them some branded promotional items that they can give out to people in their various communities. Events like Expos and conferences can be ideal places for creating brand awareness. If you take part in various events, encourage your employees to give out to participants some of your branded items particularly pens, clothing, and lanyards. People will appreciate it.

Promotional products have had a long and successful history of increasing awareness and building up the trust of a Brand. Because they are so varied in nature, even the smallest of business can take advantage of this marketing resource, as can medium and larger enterprises.

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John Whitaker J.P. (qual) has been in the promotional marketing industry for 14 years and is the director of Sales and Marketing at Branded Products™ Australia.  John’s extensive experience in an industry that he is very passionate about, culminated recently in receiving an International PPAI Award in January 2013 in the USA and a Australian APPA award in August 2012 for Promotional Excellence and continues to be at the forefront of marketing with local and international businesses and organisations


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