ADT Advertising Campaign Breaks Into Homes

ADT Advertising Campaign Breaks Into Homes

ADT Ad Campaign Scares Homeowners Into Buying ADT Security

ADT tries their latest guerrilla marketing stunt in hopes of educating Santiago, Chile apartment owners about the dangers of home invasion by dropping off a surprise package that was not well received.

The idea behind this guerrilla marketing/creative advertising stunt was to startle apartment owners when they walk in through their doors to find a large package. The way they engineered the package to slip under the door cracks was ingenius.

Using a spring loaded box, ADT marketing professionals (Née burglars working for ad agency DDB) would slip the flat box under the doors of apartment and condo owners throughout Santiago. Once clear of the door, the box would spring into shape, making it appear as though the world’s most generous burglar had been inside.

The infiltrating box read “Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think” but did not include a prompt to call the police. Not that it needed to—residents probably did that on their own.

The campaign reached hundreds of individuals in the target market, informed the potential customer and drove more traffic to the ADT website. Ultimately their goal was achieved and it created more loyalty to the brand.

[Copyranter via Geekosystem via Neatorama]
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  1. This is pure genius!

  2. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this!

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