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Advertising Balloons – Effective Ways to Attract your Customers

Advertising Balloons   Effective Ways to Attract your Customers Guerrilla Marketing PhotoWhen you think of balloons, the first image that pops into mind of most people is that of tiny helium balloons you could buy at fairs. However, when used right, balloons can become more than just a children’s toy. In fact, they have been used for quite some time as an advertising tool by many companies. Advertising balloons are quite popular, even in the presence of other powerful advertising media like social networking websites.

Something about balloons fascinates both children and adults, especially if they are advertising balloons with a unique design. People instantly look up the sky and see the message being conveyed. They come in different shapes and sizes, and chances are you will never see two advertising balloons that are exactly the same. Some are quite big, while others are small with intricate designs and shapes. You can even find advertising balloons that hold flags, poles, and other things.

Discussed below are some of the reasons why balloons are such an effective marketing tool for customers.

They are attention grabbers

How many times have you looked up at the sky when you heard the sound of an airplane or helicopter flying overhead? Chances are that most people look up almost every time, even if they know what it looks like. Anything that flies immediately grabs our attention, and advertising balloons use this basic behavior to promote the product.

They are large

You can see an advertising balloon from miles away even though you may not be able to understand what is being advertised. This helps generate interest and brings more people near the balloon as a result. This way, you get to reach a wider audience irrespective of whether they are outside on the streets or inside their office or home.

They are unique

Although it has been years since advertising balloons were developed, it is still a unique and novel concept. For this reason, it is more likely to get the attention of people and have them remember the message you want to convey through your advertising balloon.

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They can be shaped into different sizes

An advertising balloon does not have to be in just one shape. Specialized balloons can be made shaped in accordance with the product being advertised. The balloons themselves are a novel concept, but when you throw in a unique design and shape, you get an advertising tool that people will not forget easily.

They can be moved around

Advertising balloons need not be floated in just one area; they can be taken down and carried around easily. This is another quality that makes these balloons so much different from other forms of advertising like billboards, television ads, and print ads. Wherever they are placed, they can be seen people from all directions.

They are cost-effective

Advertising balloons may seem very expensive considering their impact and uniqueness, but the truth is that they have been used for so many years that they are much cheaper than you would expect. In fact, setting up an advertising balloon is cheaper than setting up a billboard and has a wider reach.

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