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Alpina Wishes for Women Guerrilla Campaign

I always enjoy seeing guerrilla marketing for good campaigns and this guerrilla campaign truly makes me get butterflies in my stomach. It’s a wonderful stunt by VITRO for a great cause sponsored by Alpina. This guerrilla-type marketing campaign set out to release dozens of monarch butterflies in Manhattan in hopes to empower women everywhere. To compliment the campaign, they  built the first ever pop-up butterfly sanctuary right on Park Avenue South.

To help support the campaign via social media, they filmed the women participants in order to create this wonderful video and encouraged women around the world to participate by submitting their wish via their Facebook campaign.



Alpina Wishes for Women Outdoor MarketingWe had to work very hard to get permission from the window vendor as something like this had never been done before.  They were concerned about permits, humane treatment of the butterflies, and a proper environment for the insects. So we worked with a butterfly farm as a consultant to ensure all of this was covered.

Then for the actual environment, once build out was complete, we had to make sure it was perfect for the insects.  So we set it up in advance and monitored temp, humidity, etc.  We found that the afternoon sun was placing too large a load on the AC unit so we had to upgrade before we inserted butterflies to keep them at the optimum temp (78).  We also added a misting system and arranged for daily butterfly feedings (they like Gatorade or a mix of 9:1 water/sugar) and weekly swapping out of plants to ensure they were always in bloom. We also arranged for weekly butterfly shipments to replenish the window due to our wish releases, and to keep the display looking vibrant. - Marc Wilson, the Account Director for Alpina


The Results

So far we’ve had almost 100,000 people personally interact with our branded Wish Space. We’ve collected over 300 wishes on-line (Facebook/Twitter) and in person. We’ve also release 500 butterflies. For some social media buzz, check out, or youtube

Written by Ryan Lum

Ryan Lum is the founder and editor of Creative Guerrilla Marketing. He is passionate about creative marketing, social media and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter or Google+


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