Amnesty International Sends People Tear Gas Scented Candles

In the past 2 years, the Turkish police have resorted into disproportionate force in social protests. There have been cases of severe injury and in some cases, death.

Recently, the feeling and impact of these social protests have decreased, so Amnesty International wanted to remind the people of what happened so it would not occur again. To bring back the feelings of the protests, they actually created tear gas scented candles to remind people of what it felt like during those times.

Amnesty International Sends People Tear Gas Scented Candles


Advertising Agency: 4129Grey, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Gorkem Yegin Mert
Creatives: Tolga Tuncel, Caglar Kurtaran, Bora Baskan, Burcu Gunister
Agency Producer: Selim Ipek
Brand Manager: Esra Ulusoy
Published: May 2015

Written by Ryan Lum

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