Are Television Commercials Obsolete?

During the past few years, a trend has started that no one would have predicted even fifteen years ago: television purchases have significantly declined. So much so that the price of televisions have noticeably dropped. Many televisions today that have a price tag of a few hundred dollars would have cost at least three times as much a decade before.

It’s safe to say that American households are saturated with televisions and that new ones are hardly a necessity. But there’s another factor at play: the Internet. With more and more television audiences watching shows online, it raises the question of just how relevant television commercials really are.

An Entire Industry In Jeopardy

High television ratings meant high interest from potential sponsors, which in turn meant a lot of extra revenue for a television station. But the migration of the upcoming generation away from television as the main entertainment medium could significantly impact how money changes hands, as well as influence the survival of network television.

A Change Of Target

Perhaps to the chagrin of a number of Internet users, some advertisers saw the writing on the wall pretty early, and took to posting various forms of ads on popular websites. There are often video sites that have forced ads as well. And as the television audience shrinks and moves on, so must advertisers move with them.

Right now, it could still be construed as a matter of choice. Eventually, that won’t be the case. In order to keep up with consumers, companies must be prepared to appeal to them across new forms of technology. As such, pouring millions of dollars into reaching TV audiences should be seen as an obsolete and wasteful practice. Internet advertising is where resources must go.

Social Media Websites Are Key

If a company were advertising shaker Amish furniture, rather than try and invest in a TV spot, there are several ways to advertise just online. Popular social media websites are prime locations for advertising. Companies can set up their own pages and, encourage satisfied customers to comment. There’s also the SEO method of increasing interest. Some of the ways companies are able to generate interest online are extremely cost effective when compared to television advertising.

Also, the Internet often has a way of generating unexpected buzz. Some companies were put on the map thanks to a commercial or image that went viral. Being tuned into what Internet users are interested in can go a long way towards knowing how to advertise at potential customers. The shift in audience attention is inevitable, and television commercials will soon be obsolete, if they are not already. Those seeking to reach consumers need to adjust to this change early if they are to make the most of it and not be caught off guard.

Written by Shane Jones

Shane is a creative marketer who currently works at WebpageFX.  He developed a passion for Guerilla Marketing a long time ago, when he discovered CGM, and since then has not stopped following the best efforts of the biggest brands.  You can follow his own creative efforts on his bucket list blog, as well as talk with him on twitter, @ShaneJones15.  Find Shane Jones on Google+


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