ASICS Creates Volleyball Machine That Serves Like Kerri Walsh Jennings

We’ve been very impressed with some of the interactive and engaging campaigns that ASICS have run in the past. One of our favorites, and definitely the first one that we thought of when we saw their new campaign The Kerri Cannon was the ASCIS Treadmill Challenge that we featured in December. The purpose of that campaign was to show people just how incredible marathoners are, at the same time as solidifying ASCIS’ place as the brand of choice among them. This time, ASCIS has taken on volleyball players, and the results will knock you out.

A Hard Hitting Campaign

Admittedly, the video doesn’t tell you a whole lot about the depth of the campaign, but we are still impressed at just how much ASCIS is taking on here. The campaign basically challenges spectators at the World Series of Beach Volleyball to go up against a volleyball launcher that has been programmed, both in strength and accuracy, to match champion player Kerri Walsh Jennings. The video, along with a specified instagram channel that ran for the length of the World Series of Beach Volleyball, delivered some serious shots to anyone not already in awe of the amazing power of volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings.

Athlete Respect

The strong thread in this campaign is definitely that of respecting athletes. Especially in a sport like volleyball, which many people still naively assume isn’t a challenging sport at all, and especially with women athletes, which already get their fair share of disrespect from unknown sources, this campaign hits the spot. Not only does it challenge the concepts that women aren’t powerful or skilled players, it also works on the idea that the sport of volleyball is easier than it seems. When the participants get out onto the sand, perhaps fully expecting that they’ll reign supreme over the Kerri Cannon, only to be knocked to the dust, it sends a powerful message.

Where ASCIS Fits

ASCIS has always been a brand that pushes people to better themselves and live healthy lives, so many of their campaigns have featured an interactive fitness element. This campaign is no different, but the situation is a little varied from their usual campaigns. The Kerri Cannon campaign ran at the World Series of Beach Volleyball, which is sponsored by ASCIS. This meant that there wasn’t much of a need to fill the promotion video with company branding, because the entire event and the site already has this. With this stable brand platform in mind, ASCIS has really let their imagination run free and created a campaign that not only says something that perhaps needed to be said about female athletes and the sport of volleyball, but is also perfectly matched to the setting.

The Success

Like many location-specific campaigns, there is a strong risk of them falling flat after the event is done, and unfortunately this seems to be what has happened in ASCIS’ case. There’s no sign yet of a case study video that might bring everything together, and for some reason the instagram feed is image heavy, instead of video heavy. It might be too early to tell yet, but although we don’t doubt that the Kerri Cannon delivered on site, it seems to have drifted off the mark away from the court.

ASICS Kerri Walsh Jennings Volleyball Cannon