AXE Anarchy: A Social Graphic Novel Marketing Campaign

Axe, a fragrance company, is taking a social approach to marketing with their latest YouTube/Facebook social campaign in order to introduce their latest fragrance line, Anarchy. Unlike previous products that marketed towards men, this will be one of the first products in their line that will market to both genders. With the help of digital marketing agency, Razorfish, Axe hopes to create one of the first ever social graphic novels that will be published on YouTube.

The campaign hopes to socialize the experience by allowing viewers to write the plot and become a character in the graphic novel. With graphic novel racking up over $340 million in sales in 2010, the company hopes that this campaign will see similar success.

This campaign is quite different from their previous marketing approach that targeted young men. Previous campaigns would include viral videos, public stunts and social campaigns.

What do you think of AXE’s latest campaign strategy?

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Written by Ryan Lum

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