Bank Creates ATMs To Say Thank You To Regular Customers In The Most Amazing Way

It’s very rare that I come across a brand that truly understands how to reach their customers in a meaningful way. Coca-Cola does a great job with their happiness campaigns where they create experiences where people can bond over sharing a refreshing beverage. WestJet awhile back did a wonderful holiday campaign where they asked passengers what they wanted for Christmas and when they landed, they were surprised when gifts came out of the luggage area.

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TDCanada recently came out with this heartwarming campaign where they converted an ATM machine to be a Automated Thanking Machine. It really goes to show that the bank cares about their loyal customers and took the time to get to know them. We definitely hope to more of this in the future!

TDCanada Automated Thanking Machine 1TDCanada Automated Thanking Machine 2TDCanada Automated Thanking Machine 3TDCanada Automated Thanking Machine 4

Written by Ryan Lum

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