Carlsberg #barbandits Interactive Bar Tap Allows Patrons to Try Their Luck and Win Free Beer

The campaign by the Danish Agency Konstellation for beer giant Carlsberg talks about Carlsberg’s interactive tap, which activates a slot spin with photos once someone purchases a beer. The point is that once a beer is bought you are allowed to participate by sending your photo in through Instagram with their hashtag. It gives you the chance to win a free beer with each spin.

When it comes to socializing, it is very often that we have busy lives and we are often more talkative on social platforms than we are in person. Some people debate that social media is an addiction, but it’s no different from when phones or postal services were invented and people actively communicated through them (only now communications are far faster and much more interactive, and also provide enormous room for advertising, which is what many companies use it for since it is an easy way to bump into the conversation.)

At social outings we all love taking photos of events and we love sharing them online for other friends, ourselves to see, and the people who were there to see and to also gain followers, because we all want to be loved on the social media. It is a bit of a high school popularity contest at times, one which we all benefit from, companies included.

Beer for the people

When it comes to the Carlsberg advertisement idea, the video could have been a bit more clear, but it gets the point across. Any company’s goal is to get trending on the media through hashtags, and very often this is done just like it is on this campaign: through different interesting ideas. The answer to what do beer customers want is very simple: more beer. The setting where the most beer is sold is obviously a bar, beer becomes a social drink and as most weekend or evenings off take place with friends and beers, so do our photos. The catch is: how to make people trend the beer even if they are drinking it? Literally lure them with more beer. But you can’t really give a jug of beer at once – even if it would make people happy, you will end up with less profit. Don’t forget since it’s an alcoholic drink you have to make sure that people don’t over drink either. A roulette slots style is perfect in this case because everyone knows how the odds are very low. The idea of slots is good because it will keep the free alcohol levels at bay, as Carlsberg is a very popular beer and the more people will want free beer the less chances there will be of people getting drunk on this said free beer.

The campaign also makes sure that since the prize for a beer drinker is beer, it’s guaranteed that most will try to win, so the hashtag will be trending and more people will become aware and take part in this fun event. After all, who doesn’t want to win a free beer and have some goofy photo of themselves and friends fire up on a bar screen?


Advertising Agency: Konstellation, Coppenhagen, Denmark