Chasing The Heat With The Hunter’s “Refresh-O-Meter”

For Hunter’s 25th birthday celebration, they partnered with award-winning experiential marketing agency, Offlimit Communications, and created the “refresh-o-meter” campaign which rewarded loyal Hunter’s nightclub patrons when they purchased Hunter’s and scanned a unique QR code on the bottom of the coaster.

For every 50 Hunter’s drinks ordered, it raised the temperature of the club by 1.0 degree. Once the thermostat hit 25 degrees celsius, a round of Hunter’s limited edition was provided to everyone in the club.

In total, the Refresh-O-Meter encouraged the sale of 27,522 units to date… and counting.

It’s a great campaign that rewarded loyal Hunter’s customers and brought on new ones. I’d just feel bad for the other people in the club as the temperature constantly got raised.

What do you think of this campaign?

Refresh-O-Meter 1 Refresh-O-Meter 2 Refresh-O-Meter 4 Refresh-O-Meter 5

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