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Citroën Multicity: Running Shoes

Running, a sport/activity as old as civilization, has experienced a resurgence in the last several years. What was once known as a boring has-been physical fitness activity is cool again. This may well be credited to the nature of the sport. The simplicity allows almost everyone healthy enough to run to do it.

Marketing-wise, it is a goldmine. It’s an easier activity to organize than concerts, fashion shows or awards night. That’s why so many brands have turned to running events/marathons for their guerrilla marketing efforts. Many have been successful but many have also failed. In marathons, it is just as easy to fail as it is to succeed.

Citroën Multicity: Running Shoes

Citroën Multicity Running Shoes is one of those who decided to use a marathon to attract some attention.

Multicity is a car rental platform. Recently, it branched out into peer to peer car sharing. It is the first of its kind Europe. One of their main objectives is to help the environment. Berlin Marathon attracts more than 1 million people yearly and more than 120 countries are represented.

There was no better platform to get people into talking about what Multicity but Berlin Marathon.

Multicity dressed up two small cars like running shoes, complete with socks and laces. The two cars ran side by side with one car moving forward after the other, mimicking the movement of two running feet.

The Result

It did attract some attention. Aside from the spectators, even runners slowed down and some even stopped to take a look at the two cars. Some even took a photo with the two cars.

Attention is what it sought. Attention is what it got.

The question is how much attention it got.

The YouTube video has a little over 1,300 views since it was uploaded October 25. It is, by no means, a “viral” effort. However, it is unfair to judge the effort based on their video. After all, it is a local service and what matters is the website local traffic they will get after the event.

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The thing is that it is a service that deserves attention from all over the world. It is not exactly a revolutionary business concept but a great one at that. In fact, it is one that the world needs right now.

Had Multicity pushed the envelope a little harder, they would have come up with a stunt that would have garnered a lot more attention than they are getting.


Advertising Agency: Havas Worldwide, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Felix Glauner
Executive Creative Director: Torsten Pollmann
Creative Director: Patrick Ackmann
Art Directors: Jan Billmann, Janina Koslowski
Copywriter: Peer Hepp
Management Supervisor: Daniel Grube
Producer: Tobias Göthner
Producer: Alexander Steinhoff / Markenfilm
Camera: Christoph Beckmerhagen
Camera / Edit: Yannis Panther
Model builder: Thomas Breen
Music: Die Sterne – Big in Berlin

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